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The Smurfs Movie Promotion

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In late June and in July 2011, Ganz ran a Click-To-Win Promotion for the Smurfs Movie.

Click to Win

Players must click a floating Smurf (a blue-skinned gnome with a white cap) to win.
After clicking a Smurf, players were awarded an Enchanted Berry.
The value of Enchanted Berries can be found on the WIGEV HERE.


The floating Smurfs seem to follow a six-minute timing schedule. This means that every six minutes there is a chance that a smurf will float across your screen. It is not definite that every six minutes one will float.

Wheel of Wow Prizes

In early July 2011, Smurf clothing items began appearing on the Wheel of Wow.

Red Floppy Hat
White Britches
White Floppy Hat
White Soft Shoes
White Summer Dress

Log-In Gifts & Cards


Main article: The Smurfs - Clumsy's Central Park Dash

On July 20, 2011, Ganz added a new Click-to-Win game featuring the Smurfs. For more information on this game, see its main article HERE.

Foods in WW