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Spring Celebration Party Room

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>>Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.




Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
2647-1.png Beach Beauty Chair Figurines
Blender wShop
4361-1.png Bobbin Robin Jukebox PSI
3853-1.png Brilliant Hibiscus Chair PSI
Charmforestcoffeetable.png Charm Forest Coffee Table Magical Forest
2278-1.png Charm Forest Dining Chair Magical Forest
2279-1.png Charm Forest Dining Table Magical Forest
5342-1.png Charming Charcoal Easel PSI
File:chocolatecoveredcarrotbasket.png Chocolate Covered Carrot Basket Not Available
Fieldsketch.png Field Sketch Zumwhere
4244-1.png Flower Power Sectional Left Corner eStore
4246-1.png Flower Power Sectional Middle eStore
4245-1.png Flower Power Sectional Right Corner eStore
Indoor Lawn Flooring Kinzville Park
Springwallpaper.png Spring Wallpaper wShop
5926-1.png Tulip Tower Windmill PSI


Springcelebrationpartyroompack.png Summerfunhousepartypack.png

The Spring Celebration Party Room Pack, and the House Pack, were both available for purchase in the wShop in the Spring of 2011.

Spring Party Food

During Spring Parties, there are three exclusives foods you can get:

Picture Name How It's Earned
File:chocolatecoveredcarrot.png Chocolate Covered Carrot Clicking the Carrot Basket
File:Springjarofjellybeans.png Spring Jar of Jellybeans Jellybean Challenge
File:Springjellybeans.png Spring Jellybeans Pinata