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SPREE! is a daily activity that was added to the Arcade on April 13, 2011.



The goal of SPREE! is to collect Mall Credits so you can go on a shopping spree at the end of the game!



You use your mouse to click on the buttons necessary at the time. This will move your car, or you can click on a card depending on where you landed.


There is no trophy available for this game.


There are many different prizes that can be won in Spree. There are two collections of prizes that can be won from Spree; the Shopping Bag Prizes and the Kinzville Mall Prizes.

Shopping Bag Prizes

To see pictures of the Shopping Bag Prizes please see Shopping Bag Prizes

Kinzville Mall Prizes

In July 2015, the Bolts Plushy, Elegant Column, Leather Armchair, Nuts Plushy, Spree Coffee Table, Wacky Painting and Webkinz Airship were added to the Kinzville Mall and the Tween Queen Outfit was retired.[1]

To see pictures of the Kinzville Mall Prizes please see Kinzville Mall Prizes


When you enter the Spree game, you can only see part of the playing board. You can click and drag your mouse to see other parts of the board.

More Information

If you arrive at a fork in the road, you will have to choose which way to go. If you land on a SPREE! space you will have to pick a card by clicking on the deck. Land on a shopping bag and it will be added to your collection (if you already have a bag of that color you get to roll a die that has stuff like 30 kinzcash or go forward 1 space on it, etc). Collect all 5 shopping bags and get a bag which you can open in your room and get three special prizes! Kinzcash coins will be awarded for landing on one. You will have to play a mini game when you come to a stop sign. Mall Credit spaces will give you Mall Credits to spend at the end of the game.


Bonus rolls have been offered several times to players through floaty-clicky events in which a Spree! die floats across the screen on both WW and WKN pages. A Spree! Click-to-Win Advertisements also award players with additional rolls.

In April 2012, a SPREE! Click-to-Win event awarded players with prizes including a Webkinz Newz exclusive piece of SPREE clothing, poster, or shopping bag.

File:Spreead.png File:Spreeadprizes.png