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Message Center

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The Message Center is a feature in Webkinz World that was added on December 7, 2011.



The Message Center allows members to receive friend requests, party invitations and messages, such as requests for help with the Webkinz Challenges. It also features a Friend Finder area where you can either add yourself to a list where people can send a friend request to you, or you can send friend requests to people from a list of members that want friends.

Friend Finder

The Friend Finder allows you to add other members who choose to appear in the list as your friends. If you choose to appear in the list, members will be able to add you in the same way.

Webkinz Challenges

The Message Center is used in several Webkinz Challenges. It is used to request that friends send you the item that is necessary for the task. You can also recieve a request from other friends to send them challenge items so that they can complete the task.

List of Challenge Items

Here are the prizes that you can "ask" for or buy for 500 eStore Points in certain Webkinz Challenges. The 500 eStore Points are NOT required in order to give or receive challenge items. This is only an optional method to speed up progress.

Name Image Challenge Number Required
Ancient Scroll File:Ancientscrollicon.png Webkinz Wizard Academy Year 2 Challenge (Part 4) 30
Arrow File:Arrow.png Counselor in Training Challenge (Part 3) 10
Atom File:atom.png Goober's Assistant Challenge (Part 2) 10
Balloon File:Balloon.png The Kinzville Caper Challenge (Part 1) 5
Barbell File:Barbell.png Webkinz World Summer Games Challenge (Part 2) 6
Beaker File:beaker.png Goober's Assistant Challenge (Part 2) 10
Binder File:Binder.png Fall Fest 2012 Challenge (Part 2) 3
Bouquet of Flowers File:Bouquetofflowers.png Webkinz World Summer Games Challenge (Part 4) 10
Bug Spray File:Bugspray.png Jungle Safari Challenge (Part 2) 5
Camping Guidebook File:Campingguidebook.png CampKinz Cookout Challenge (Part 1) 5
Candy Cane Cola File:candycanecola.png Happy Holidays Challenge (Part 1) 10
Christmas Carol Music File:christmascarolmusic.png Happy Holidays Challenge (Part 2) 10
Egyptian Artifacts File:egyptianartifacts.png Egyptian Expedition Challenge (Part 3) 10
Empty Jar File:Emptyjumbleberryjar.png Berry Festival 2013 Challenge (Part 3) 6
Fair Ticket File:Fairticket.png Fall Fest 2012 Challenge (Part 3) 5
Flashlight File:Flashlight.png Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Challenge (Part 2) 3
Flutter board File:Flutterboard.png CampKinz Counselor Challenge (Part 3) 10
Framed Picture of Arte File:Framedpictureofarte.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Challenge (Part 1) 5
Glasses of Bubbly Gum Punch File:Bubblygumpunch.png The New Cat in Town Challenge (Part 3) 10
Jar of Salsa File:Jarofsalsa.png The New Cat in Town Challenge (Part 2) 5
KinzFair Ticket File:Kinzfairticket.png Plumpy's Great Advice Challenge (Part 5) 10
Leadership Guide File:Leadershipguide.png Counselor in Training Challenge (Part 1) 5
Lifesaving Handbook File:Lifesavinghandbook.png Counselor in Training Challenge (Part 1) 5
Lift Passes File:liftpasses.png Winterfest 2012 Challenge (Part 2) 10
Log File:Log.png CampKinz Cookout Challenge (Part 3) 10
Lootbag File:Lootbags.png Halloween Challenge 2013 (Part 2) 5
Map File:Map.png CampKinz Canoe Trip Challenge (Part 1) 30
Movie File:Movie.png Roberta's Sleepover Party Challenge (Part 2) 3
Mystical Book of Webkinz World File:Mysticalbookofwebkinzworld.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Challenge (Part 3) 5
Night Light File:Nightlight.png Roberta's Sleepover Party Challenge (Part 3) 5
Notebook File:Notebook.png The Big Scoop Challenge (Part 2) 6
Old Ceiling Fan File:Oldceilingfan.png Smarty Pants Challenge (Part 2) 5
Pom Pom File:Pompom.png Cheerleader Tryouts Challenge (Part 2) 4
Pickaxe File:Pickaxe.png Once Upon a Time Challenge (Part 2) 7
Piece of Eight File:pieceofeight.png Journey to Treasure Island Challenge (Part 4) 15
Rings of Keys File:Ringsofkeys.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Challenge (Part 2) 3
Roasted Marshmallow File:Roastedmarshmallow.png CampKinz Cookout Challenge (Part 4) 12
Ropes File:Ropes.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Challenge (Part 2) 3
Rubber Glove File:Rubberglove.png Earth Day Challenge (Part 2) 5
Safari Snap Shot File:Safarisnapshot.png Jungle Safari Challenge (Part 3) 10
Sapling File:Sapling.png Earth Day Challenge (Part 3) 8
Seedling File:Seedlingicon.png Earth Day 2013 Challenge (Part 3) 5
Silver Shovel File:Silvershovel.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Challenge (Part 2) 3
Simons Autograph File:Simonsautograph.png Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Challenge (Part 3) 6
Snowball File:snowballicon.png Winterfest 2012 Challenge (Part 1) 10
Sparklers File:sparklers.png Happy Holidays Challenge (Part 3) 10
Stamp File:Stamp.png Plumpy's Great Advice Challenge (Part 3) 5
Sunscreen File:sunscreen.png Winterfest 2012 Challenge (Part 3) 10
Team Toque File:Teamtoque.png Webkinz World Winter Games Challenge (Part 3) 20
Tent Pegs File:Tentpegs.png CampKinz Cookout Challenge (Part 2) 8
Toothbrush File:Toothbrush.png Halloween Challenge 2012 (Part 3) 5
Treasure Map File:treasturemap.png Journey to Treasure Island Challenge (Part 1) 10
Twig File:Twig.png CampKinz Cookout Challenge (Part 3) 10
Unicorn Candy File:Unicorncandy.png An Air of Mystery Challenge (Part 4) 8
Valentine's Day Card File:Valentinesdaycard.png Valentine's Day Challenge (Part 3) 3
Wacky Jet Pack File:Wackyjetpack.png An Air of Mystery Challenge (Part 2) 5
Wacky Wanted Posters File:Wackywantedposters.png Wacky Zingoz Celebration 2014 Challenge (Part 2) 10
Webkinz World Atlas File:Webkinzworldatlas.png Wacky Zingoz Celebration 2012 Challenge (Part 3) 3
Whimsical Worm File:Whimsicalworm.png Webkinz Wizard Academy Challenge (Part 3) 30