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Halloween in Webkinz World

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Gift Bags


Each year on October 31st, players who log onto Webkinz World receive a special Halloween gift bag. The Halloween gifts typically include an article of Clothing and holiday foods.

> Click HERE to see pictures of all of the Halloween Gift Bags and their items.

Halloween Cards

On Halloween day, Ganz sends special Halloween Cards to every Webkinz World account.

> Click HERE to view Halloween Cards from previous years.

Seasonal wShop & PJ's Outlet Items


In late September or early October each year, seasonal Halloween items appear in the wShop and in PJ's Outlet. Like most themes in Webkinz World, these items are typically added to the shops in two "batches", two weeks apart. In early November, the Halloween theme is removed from the shops.

> Click HERE to see the seasonal Halloween items.

Seasonal eStore Items


In 2008, Ganz introduced the Ghostly Grand Piano, Haunting Breeze Scarecrow, and Pharaoh Costume as seasonal items for October at the Ganz eStore.

In 2009, those three items returned, and Ganz added the Creature Closet, Hotdog Costume, Mermaid Costume, and Pirate Princess Costume.

In 2010, Ganz introduced the Creepy Candelabra, Wishing Well Spell, Modern Vampire Costume, Vogue Vampire Costume, Howling Werewolf Costume, Spooky Skeleton Sketch, Fear Filled Fireplace, Purple Bubble and Trouble Hat, Purple Bubble and Trouble Dress, Purple Bubble and Trouble Shoes.

> Click HERE to see the seasonal Halloween eStore items.

Seasonal Pets


HM135.png HM367.png HM463.png HM398.png Spookypupavatar.png File:Midnightowlavatar.png

In 2007, Ganz released the Webkinz Black Cat for sale as a seasonal pet for Halloween.

In 2008, Ganz released the Webkinz Bat, and the Black Cat also returned for another year.

In 2009, Ganz released the Webkinz Lava Dragon. The Black Cat and the Bat also returned for another year.

During October 2009, Ganz announced that the Lava Dragon was officially retired.

In 2010, Ganz released the Webkinz Night Mare. The Bat and Black Cat also returned for another year.

In 2011, Ganz released the Pumpkin Puppy. The Webkinz Bat and Webkinz Cat also returned for another year.

In 2012, Ganz released the Spooky Puppy/Pup. The name on the code tag and the name on the bottom tag were different.

In 2013, Ganz released the Midnight Owl.


In 2014, Ganz released the Zombie Pup.

Virtual Only

HM909.png HM942.png HM979.png Vampirebatavatar.png Candycornmouseavatar.png File:Zombiebloodhoundavatar.png

In 2008, Ganz sold a seasonal virtual-only Webkinz at the Ganz estore, the Webkinz Purple Monster.

In 2009, the Purple Monster returned to the Ganz eStore and the Webkinz Trick or Treat Troll was also offered for sale.

In 2010, the Purple Monster and Trick or Treat Troll have come back to the Ganz eStore, and the Dire Wolf was put on sale.

In 2011, the Vampire Bat was released.

In 2012, a new seasonal was released, the Candy Corn Mouse. The Purple Monster, Dire Wolf, Trick or Treat Troll, and Vampire Bat returned.

In 2013, a new seasonal was released, the Zombie Bloodhound.

Sweetcorntigeravatar.png Vampirekittenavatar.png File:Vampirebunnyavatar.png File:Gargowlavatar.png

In 2014, a new seasonal was released, the Sweet Corn Tiger.

In 2015, a new seasonal was released, the Vampire Kitten.

In 2016, a new seasonal was released, the Vampire Bunny and a new fan-designed Halloween pet from the Design a Halloween Pet Update, the Gargowl.

In 2017, a new seasonal was released, the Vampire Monkey.

In 2018, a new seasonal was released, the Vampire Rat.

Mazin' Hamsters


In 2010, Ganz introduced the very first seasonal Mazin' Hamster, " Spooky".

Trick or Treat


A new Trick or Treating feature was added to Webkinz World in 2009. From October 24th to November 1st, players searched for a Ghost in the Clubhouse. The Ghost gave out 12 different pieces of candy to Trick or Treaters. Players collecting all 12 pieces of candy received a special pumpkin that could be carved into a Jack-o-Lantern.

> Click HERE to learn more about Trick or Treating.

Halloween Accessories

File:plushpumpkincostume.png Pumpkincostume.png File:plushwitchcostume.png Witchhat.png Witchsdress.png

In 2008 Ganz introduced two seasonal KinzStyle plushie outfits that could be purchased at Webkinz retailers: the Pumpkin Costume and the Witch Costume. Both outfits were re-released in 2009 and again in 2010.

Virtual copies of these costumes can be obtained by entering the feature code off of the plushie costume.

> Click HERE to return to the main Holiday page.