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Funky Girl Theme

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Theme History

The Funky Girl Theme was introduced to the wShop in 2006.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
464-1.png Funky Boy Band Poster wShop 40 KC
File:funkygirlarearug.png Funky Girl Area Rug wShop 185 KC
1425-1.png Funky Girl Bathroom Sink wShop 325 KC
2057-1.png Funky Girl Bathtub wShop 1000 KC
405-1.png Funky Girl Bed wShop 800 KC
1167-1.png Funky Girl Blender wShop 175 KC
418-1.png Funky Girl Chair wShop 140 KC
409-1.png Funky Girl Coffee Table wShop 300 KC
412-1.png Funky Girl Dining Table wShop 350 KC
407-1.png Funky Girl Dresser wShop 520 KC
416-1.png Funky Girl Karaoke Machine wShop
(Deluxe Only)
350 KC
421-1.png Funky Girl Kitchen Counter wShop 225 KC
422-1.png Funky Girl Kitchen Sink wShop 285 KC
413-1.png Funky Girl Lamp wShop 75 KC
411-1.png Funky Girl Lounger wShop
(Deluxe Only)
375 KC
419-1.png Funky Girl Makeup Vanity wShop 300 KC
420-1.png Funky Girl Refrigerator wShop 680 KC
1034-1.png Funky Girl Room Divider wShop 225 KC
1250-1.png Funky Girl Sandwich Maker wShop 200 KC
406-1.png Funky Girl Side Table wShop 90 KC
408-1.png Funky Girl Sofa wShop 750 KC
417-1.png Funky Girl Stereo wShop
(Deluxe Only)
475 KC
430-1.png Funky Girl Stove wShop 800 KC
414-1.png Funky Girl Television wShop 850 KC
1422-1.png Funky Girl Toilet wShop 375 KC
3149-1.png Funky Girl Toy Box wShop 200 KC
423-1.png Funky Girl Wallpaper wShop 100 KC
415-1.png Funky Girl Wardrobe wShop 600 KC
424-1.png Funky Parquet Flooring wShop 100 KC

Trading Card

The Funky Girl Theme was featured on a Webkinz Trading Card:


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