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Fall Fest

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Fall Fest items are available at the [[Ganz eStore]] during Fall Fest.
:<font size="4">[[Fall Fest eStore Items|&rarr; Fall Fest eStore Items]]</font>
|{{!}}Acorn Ottoman<br>
|{{!}}Apple Cider Press<br>
|{{!}}Apple Orchard Bed<br>
|{{!}}Changing Seasons Tree<br>
|{{!}}Fall Festival Fudge<ref>The Fall Festival Fudge can be fed to your pet to be randomly rewarded a Fall Fest prize, or the Orchard Apple Tree.</ref> <br>
|{{!}}Fall Festival Fudge 3 Pack<ref>The Fall Festival Fudge 3 Pack, once bought, automatically puts three pieces of Fall Festival Fudge into your dock.</ref> <br>
|{{!}}Fall Festival Fudge 5 Pack<ref>The Fall Festival Fudge 5 Pack, once bought, automatically puts five pieces of Fall Festival Fudge into your dock.</ref> <br>
|{{!}}Fall Fest Booth<br>
|{{!}}Fall Forest Wallpaper<br>
|{{!}}Fall Frenzy Trampoline<br>
|{{!}}Hay Wagon Chair<br>
|{{!}}Oak Leaf Chair<br>
|{{!}}Play Pile of Leaves<br>
|{{!}}Posin' Scarecrow<br>
|{{!}}Riding Leaf Blower<br>
|{{!}}Scarecrow Perch<br>
<references />

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Click to Win


During the Fall Fest Click-to-Win event, autumn leaves float across the screen in Webkinz World one at a time. Players clicking on a leaf receive an autumn-themed prize.

Each leaf drifts across the screen from left to right, right to left, or top to bottom (Before 2011 the leaves only floated from right to left). It can only be seen on location in Webkinz World where the dock of your items is showing. If the player has an overlapping window open in Webkinz World (such as the WShop window), the leaf will float "above" the second window now, so you may click on it.

There has been speculation and rumor about the best place to be in Webkinz World to spot a leaf. The truth is that the odds are exactly the same no matter where you are.


The Fall Festival leaves have followed a variety of time schedules. They are sorted by year below.


The leaves appear every 5-6 minutes. The leaves always float from the top of the screen to the bottom.


The leaves appear every 9 or 10 minutes. Unlike previous years, there is a guarantee that you will see a leaf on schedule. The leaves will float in a different direction (left to right, right to left, top to bottom) every time you log into Webkinz World.


The leaves appear on a 5 minute, 6 minute and 11 minute timing schedule. This means there is a chance of seeing a leaf every 5, 6 or 11 minutes depending on time of day. It appears as though the leaves are on a faster schedule (4-6 minutes) during the afternoon and evening and on a slower schedule during the morning and late evening (8-11 minutes). Every time the number of minutes passes, there is a chance that you will see a leaf. It is not definite that a leaf will float. Once you see the first leaf on your account, make note of the time. Then look for your second leaf the number of minutes later, then the number of minutes after that, and so on.

Previous Years

Up until 2010, the floating Fall Festival Leaves originally followed a 6-minute schedule.

Other click-to-win events have been on other timing schedules, some as long as eleven minutes, and there is no guarantee what the Fall Fest schedule will be from year to year. Keep an eye on Webkinz Insider's front page. As soon as the timing is figured out, the information will be posted there.

Multiple Accounts

Main article: Multiple Accounts

Many users find that the best way to participate in Click-to-Win events is to have multiple windows open to Webkinz World. This allows them to have different timers running for each window or to watch the multiple windows for leaves. With multiple windows, more prizes can be won during the event. For detailed instructions on having multiple windows or accounts open at once, check out the Multiple Accounts page.


> Click HERE to view WIGEV values of the Fall Fest prizes.

Each season has a different set of prizes including Clothing, Decorations, and Food. Some of the items repeat from year to year, and some items have only shown up for one season. "New" items for that year are shown in bold print.

  • 2007 Prizes: Autumn Sunset Toque, Corn Husk Doll, Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Harvest Fruit Hat, Harvest Time Poster, Hot Apple Cider, Maple Leaf Sweater, Potted Elm Tree, Pumpkin Soup

  • 2008 Prizes: Autumn Sunset Toque, Decorative Cornucopia, Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Fall Festival Place Setting, Harvest Time Poster, Hot Apple Cider, Orange Cable Knit Sweater, Potted Elm Tree, Pumpkin Soup

  • 2009 Prizes: Autumn Striped Sweater, Autumn Sunset Toque, Baked Butternut Squash, Decorative Cornucopia, Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Fall Festival Place Setting, Hot Apple Cider, Potted Elm Tree, Pressed Leaf Wall Plate

  • 2010 Prizes: Autumn Tree Globe, Colorful Corn Display, Gourd Table Candle, Lumber Jack Coat, Lumber Jack Hat, Woolly Galoshes, Autumn Striped Sweater, Autumn Sunset Toque, Baked Butternut Squash, Decorative Cornucopia, Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Fall Festival Place Setting, Hot Apple Cider, Potted Elm Tree, Pressed Leaf Wall Plate

  • 2011 Prizes: Fall Zip Polo, Pressed Leaf Collage, Maple Sugar Pop, Fall Cabbie Hat, Pumpkin Centerpiece, Fire Log Rack, Baked Butternut Squash, Lumberjack Coat, Lumberjack Hat, Gourd Table Candle, Colorful Corn Display, Autumn Tree Globe
  • In 2011, Ganz also held a Peek a Newz event that awarded many more prizes, most from previous years: Autumn Striped Sweater, Autumn Sunset Toque, Decorative Wheat Sheaf, Fall Festival Place Setting, Hot Apple Cider, Potted Elm Tree, Pressed Leaf Wall Plate, Woolly Galoshes.

  • 2012 Prizes: Apple Basket, Box of Maple Donuts Fall, Cinnamon Sticker House, Fall Cabbie Coat, Fall Leaves, Fire Log Basket, Potted Maple Tree, Fall Cabbie Hat, Fall Zip Polo, Lumberjack Coat, Lumberjack Hat, Maple Sugar Pop, Pressed Leaf Collage, Pumpkin Centerpiece, Woolly Galoshes
  • In 2012, Ganz also sold Fall Festival Fudge at the eStore. When you feed your pet a piece of this fudge, you had a chance of being rewarded the Orchard Apple Tree which produces one Orchard Apple a day. You could also win a random fall fest prize.

Pictures of Prizes

Below are pictures of the Fall Fest prizes from all years:

Apple Basket
Autumn Striped Sweater
Autumn Sunset Toque
Autumn Tree Globe
Baked Butternut Squash
Box of Maple Donuts
Cinnamon Stick House
Colorful Corn Display
Corn Husk Doll
Decorative Cornucopia
Decorative Wheat Sheaf
Fall Cabbie Coat
Fall Cabbie Hat
Fall Festival Place Setting
Fall Leaves
Fall Zip Polo
Fire Log Basket
Fire Log Rack
Gourd Table Candle
Harvest Fruit Hat
Harvest Time Poster
Hot Apple Cider
Lumberjack Coat
Lumberjack Hat
Maple Leaf Sweater
Maple Sugar Pop
Orange Cable Knit Sweater
Orchard Apple[1]
Orchard Apple Tree[2]
Potted Elm Tree
Potted Maple Tree
Pressed Leaf Collage
Pressed Leaf Wall Plate
Pumpkin Center Piece
Pumpkin Soup
Woolly Galoshes


  1. The Orchard Apple is earned once a day by clicking the Orchard Apple Tree.
  2. The Orchard Apple Tree is won randomly by feeding your pet Fall Festival Fudge.


→ Fall Fest eStore Items


Year Month and Day
2013 September 21 - 30
2012 September 14 - 22
2011 September 17 - 23
2010 September 19 - 25
2009 September 19 - 25
2008 September 18 - 24
2007 October 20 - 26

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