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Bee Movie Advertisements

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In October 2007, a series of third-party advertisements started running in Webkinz world to promote the Bee Movie. The movie started on November 2nd, 2007. The advertisements ran from October 13th to ???.

The Advertisements

Bee-Costume-Ad.jpg Bee-Honey-Ad.jpg

Clicking on the advertisements either opened a slightly larger advertisement, awarded the player some Honey to feed to their Webkinz, or awarded the player a complete Bee Costume.

The Prizes

2653-1.png 2655-1.png 2656-1.png 2654-1.png File:honey.png
  • The Bee Costume is made up of four parts: the Bee Antennae, the Bee Tee, the Bee Stripe Pants, and the Bee Shoes.
  • The Honey from the advertisements is exactly the same as the Honey sold in the wShop. However, on the day the advertisements started, that Honey got a "new look".

Bee Costume in Curio Shop

On November 15th, 2007, all four parts of the Bee Costume moved to the Curio Shop and became "Curio Shop Only" items. From time to time they show up in the Curio Shop and can be purchased from Arte.

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