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Atomicolicious (Two Player)

How to play: A green thingy over your head will tell you if it's your turn.If it's not green it means that your opponent will be going first.You click an 'atom', which is a colored sphere, and then click an atom next to the first atom. The two atoms will switch places, and when they switch places and make a row of one color three or more atoms long, they will disappear giving you points, and your test tubes will fill up some. Grey atoms don't give you any points. Eyedroppers take away points from your opponent.If you make a combo that does not have three atoms you will lose that turn and will have to wait until after their opponent makes his or her move.If your combo has more than three atoms that are connected,you will get an extra turn.There is a time limit of 30 seconds for each turn.When your timer gets to 21 seconds a little,yellow hand will pop up and show you somewhere

Game Goal: To fill up your test tubes. If both players have not filled up their vials before the (*) moves are used up, the game ends and whoever is ahead in the score wins. The winner could receive more kinzcash than their opponent,but sometimes the opponent had more cash than the winner while the game was still going on and wins more cash in the end.

  • There are 50 moves in this game. Once you use all the moves, the game ends.
  • This game is similar to the 'Goobers Lab' game, that is located in the Webkinz Arcade.