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Prize: Sapphire Gemster Gift with Purchase

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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Ganz Announces Webkinz Newz Pterodactyl Contest

Shortly after Midnight, a new advertisement started running in Webkinz World for a contest coming soon to the Webkinz Newz.  According to the ad, the contest will run from August 15th to August 16th and the contest prize(s) will be the Webkinz Pterodactyl.  The ad says to check out the Webkinz Newz site for more details.
Update:  The contest description is now posted on the Webkinz Newz site:
"The Pterodactyl's Pterrible Ptwos! If you were a young, mischievous Pterodactyl, what Ptrouble would you get in? Write a paragraph or short story (1000 characters or less) describing some of the antics the Pterodactyl might get up to. Five original, creative entries will win an eStore exclusive Pterodactyl virtual pet, (the "Prize"). Odds of winning are based on the number of entries received."
For details of the contest, please click HERE.

WI's "Movie Star Dress Up" Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in our "Movie Star Dress Up" Contest this week.  Who knew that we had so many celebrities wandering the streets of Webkinz World, right under our noses?
All entries were judged both on the creativity of the costume and on the description of the celebrity.  The following three entries are our top winners.  The members who submitted them will each receive a rare Colossal Movie Screen as their prize.
webkinz cheats
Mr. Spock (Peanut958) and Shrek (TigerStephen) should require no introduction, but the Webkinz World Super Hero Rainbow Man (Twilighter95) may not be familiar to you.  According to Twilighter95, "Rainbow Man only comes out of his lair when his signal, a rainbow, is flying high.  Unfortunately, since rainbows only come out after it rains, poor Rainbow Man always slips and falls.  Will Rainbow Man save you today?"
In addition to these three members, fifty more winners have been selected to each receive a Rare item.  Please click "Read More" below to see the complete list of winners.  If your name is on this list, please send a PM to FIA with your Webkinz World username and add WIGIFTZ to your friend list in Webkinz World.
 read more »

Ganz Announces New "Back to School" Contest

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The next Webkinz Newz contest has been announced.  For this contest, Ganz wants to know what your Webkinz did this Summer and why they deserve to win the prize.  Five lucky winners will each receive a Ms. Cowoline Outfit, a Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair, and access to the "School Essentialz" KinzPost Stationary (click HERE for complete stationary pictures) .  Entries will be accepted at the Webkinz Newz site on August 22nd and 23rd.  For complete contest details, please click HERE.

Ganz Announces "Classroom Design" Contest

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The next Webkinz Newz contest has been announced by Ganz.  For this contest, they want players to design a Classroom for a Green Seadragon.  Room designers are only allowed to use a small room and they're only allowed to use items sold in the wShop.  The more creative the entry is, the better it's chances of winning are.  Five lucky entrants will each win an adoption code for a Webkinz Green Seadragon.
Entires will be accepted at the Webkinz Newz site on August 29th and August 30th.  For complete contest details, please click HERE.

Ganz Announces "Clothing Design" Contest Winners

webkinz cheats
Congratulations to Webkinz Players Sage, Tori, Ashley, Erin, and Susan on being selected as winners in the Webkinz Newz Clothing Design Contest.  Ganz has sent each of them feature codes to collect their prizes:  Persephone Designer Manikinz, Persephone Lightbox Poster, and Persephone Plush Doll.

Reminder: Don't Miss Our Pegasus Contest on Thursday, October 1st!

Don't forget!! Webkinz Insider and Ameriwade.Com are celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our partnership this Thursday, October 1st!
Webkinz UnicornWebkinz Pegasus
We're giving out a Retired Webkinz Unicorn to a randomly-selected user who is logged in to our forum at 6:30pm Eastern (3:30pm Pacific) time on Thursday, October 1st! If we beat the "most users online record", Robert from Ameriwade will add a Retired Webkinz Pegasus and we'll offer this second, awesome prize, as well! The plushes with tags are included and can be mailed to you, or you can opt to simply have the code sent to you electronically. Make sure you're here on October 1st, we'll need all of your help! Get all your friends to join in and help us set a new record!
Don't forget to support our partner at, with some of the best prices on the web and flat rate shipping, and where all purchases help contribute to the costs of running WI! Robert is currently taking pre-orders for all of the November releases, though he is currently sold-out of his selection of Zum plushes!

We did it!! Thanks Everyone!! Pegasus, Unicorn Winner Announced + More!!

Wow, we SHATTERED the previous Most Users Online record of 2498 today with a final count of 3104 at 6:30 and it's still climbing (currently at 3188)! Thanks everyone, this sure is an amazing accomplishment, and we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!! In fact, we had already broken the record at around 4:30pm Eastern Time as everyone got here early to celebrate!
webkinz cheats
What a great way to commemorate our 1 year anniversary of our partnership with Robert at Ameriwade.Com. As promised, since we broke the record, Robert has selected the following two random winners from those that were in the Users Online list at 6:30 PM Eastern.  coriander has been selected as the lucky winner of the Webkinz Unicorn and DukeDakota has been selected as the lucky winner of the Webkinz Pegasus! Congratulations to both members!
In addition, since we smashed the record, and set a most users online record on BearvilleInsider.Com, as well, we've decided to celebrate the beginning of the Halloween season and give away two Webkinz Black Cat codes to an additional lucky two members who were online at 6:30 : dash412 and webkinzmommy13. Congratulations to everyone!
Stay tuned to WI for some great contests starting next week, running through the end of October. There's a Purple Witch's Hat, Monster's Gate, Spiderweb Window, Gargoyle Lamp and a Ghostly Urn that we'll be giving out as prizes, also courtesy of!

Design a Signature Contest -- Spider's Web Window and Gargoyle Lamp!

Thanks to a generous donation from our partner at Ameriwade.Com, we are hosting a contest here on Webkinz Insider to give away a Priceless Spider's Web Window and Priceless Gargoyle Lamp, both last available in Halloween 2006!
Priceless Gargoyle LampPriceless Spider's Web Window
We want you to design a Halloween-themed forum signature for the founders of WI (Justin & Wendy)! The maximum dimensions for the image are 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, but they can be any size smaller than those dimensions. The forum signature image must be Halloween-themed and contain a reference to WI and Ameriwade.Com to be considered for the prizes. We have included some WI logos to get you started on the official contest entry thread, but you are free to create your own.
Since there are two prizes, there will be two winners. The first winner will be chosen by Wendy and I and they will be able to choose one of the prizes. In addition, Wendy and I will display their signature image on all of our posts through the end of October, so make sure to sign your name in them! The second winner will be chosen randomly from all of the entries to receive the other Priceless virtual item!
The official contest entry thread can be found in our Contests section on the forum: OFFICIAL CONTEST: Design a Halloween Signature for the Founders!
Any entries not posted in the official thread will not be considered for the prizes. The contest starts right now and runs through Sunday, October 11th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (US Kinz Time). Good luck everyone!

WI Member Wins the Rainforest Boa Contest

webkinz cheats
 Ganz has announced the winners in the Rainforest Boa Contest and one of our own WI members, Jackal, was one of the five winners! Let's all say Congrats to her. The five winners were: Sam, Jayden, Kathleen (Jackal), Maddie and Jennifer. Each winner won the Rainforest Boa. The Contest asked for a small room design containing at least 1 lamp and 1 red item. To view the winning entries, click HERE

Winners Selected for WI Halloween Signature Contest!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing entries! We've selected the first place winner and the randomly-selected second place winner.
First prize goes to windcolors, with the following entry, which will be Wendy and Justin's signature images for the rest of October!
webkinz cheats
Second prize goes to LaniSimplicity for this entry.
webkinz cheats
If you haven't already, go check out the entry thread, there's a ton of cool signatures in there that you can use if you don't already have a Halloween signature! Thanks again everyone for all the hard work, you really dazzled us this time around!! Stay tuned for our next contest starting tomorrow [ anyone want a Purple Witch Hat? ;) ]

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