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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

New Game Added to Webkinz World -- Webkinz Rally! *UPDATED*

Thanks to JBONE92 from our forum for alerting us to yet another new addition to Webkinz World from last night's update! A new game called Webkinz Rally has been added to the arcade and the tournament arena! Unfortunately, it didn't quite seem to work for her when he tried to play.  He was able to see another view of the game and reports that it appears that you can choose from a selection of cars based on your skill level in the Kinzville Academy.

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UPDATE: Thanks to Texasgirl8, we have some pictures and details about the new game!

You start the game by choosing a car.  Your choices are dependent upon the Kinzville Academy Style Level of the pet you are using.  You may also choose one of the other two "stock" players (Toby & Sonny) on the right or the left of your Webkinz pet.

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When playing the game, you steer the car using the arrow keys.  There are different obstacles, some of which slow you down, some speed you up, and others which give you points.

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Players Report Glitches with Webkinz Rally

Our gamers here on WI are busy at work, trying to find useful tips and information on Webkinz World's latest game, Webkinz Rally.  Congratulations to WI member JBONE92 who was able to complete the game!  After passing through a series of 9 green banners, his pet crossed one final one that was checkered.  Here is what the screen looked like just before crossing that last checkpoint:
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Unfortunately, he received the following error screen and received no kinzcash or trophy:
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JBONE92 reports that there are 10 areas you must go through in order to cross the final finish line.  With a high score of 14,835, he was able to make it through all levels with a pet who had 2 stars for jumping, 2 stars for top speed and 9 stars for handling.  MNBert adds that those categories correspond to the following classes in the Academy:
Car choices = Fashion
Jumping = Strength
Top Speed = Speed
Hanlding = Agility
PugsRock also discovered that it is possible for your pet's car to run out of gas:
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Thanks to all our members who are out there trying to find those helpful tips for the rest of us!

Tournament Arena gets Re-Vamped

There have been numerous reports over the last couple of weeks that changes have been made in the Tournament Arena. Since before April 1st, people have been complaining that the tournament arena is inaccessible, haven't gotten their payouts or just aren't able to access their scores.
Well, now the dust seems to have settled and this is what we see. From This old Format, to the New-look Arena.
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Webkinz World Survey Seeks Your Opinion on Webkinz Rally

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A new Webkinz World survey is out and this time Ganz wants to know what you think of the Webkinz Rally arcade game.  Specifically, "how difficult do you find Webkinz Rally?".  Answering this survey, which can be accessed from the front page of the Webkinz World Newspaper, will earn your Webkinz 50 KC and it will give Ganz valuable feedback about the game.
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In the nearly two weeks since Webkinz Rally was introduced, we have had many members report on reaching the end of the game.  Unfortunately, there still appears to be a glitch in the system that is kicking players out of Webkinz World the moment they cross the finish line.  The instructions for the game reveal a picture of a trophy.  Could it be that the system attempting to award this trophy is what is causing the game to crash?  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are hard at work on the problem and will have it solved soon.

New Game In Webkinz World -- Eager Beaver Adventure Park!

Last night's update didn't bring any of the much-anticipated treetop furniture, but it brought another new game to the Arcade -- Eager Beaver Adventure Park! This new game is similar to a game that many of you know called Boggle (or Yahoo's Bookworm), though Ganz has added a few twists to it in Webkinz World.  
The instructions tell us that a trophy is available, but it is limited to one trophy per account and awarded when a player finishes the game! In addition, for finishing level 6, you will receive a "You Must Be This Tall" badge for your MyPage. Finally, there is a "Skillfully Built" badge that you can earn by spelling a word that is worth more than 1000 (or so) points. (Picture of trophy & badges at the end of this article)
NOTE: The badges earned through this game do not appear in the MyPage sections in user's accounts, due to a glitch.
Thanks to Kur from our WebkinzInsider forum for pictures of the instructions and in-game play!
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Please click "read more" below for more pictures and information,
including the Game Trophy and two new MyPage Badges.
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Doug the Dog formally introduced to Webkinz World

During the course of the night we have had an unscheduled maintenance which has brought about a few changes. If you are a Deluxe Member, you will receive a Deluxe Member badge for your widgets.
The Trading Card Challenge has been re-introduced into the Tournament Arena and On the front page we see a picture of Arte's Best Friend, Doug the dog.
Are you looking for Doug?  Or, do you know where he is now?
Check out our "Doug Tracking Thread" (click HERE) for the latest info.
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Top Scores Return to Webkinz World

After a very long period of time, it appears that the list of high scorers has made its way back to WW.  Thanks to WI member Mike1996 and many WI members who spotted it.
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Is it around to stay?  Lets hope so!
Many WI members are still reporting that they are not seeing this feature on their accounts.  Others have reported that while they had seen the high scores a few days back, they are no longer seeing them.

WHIZKINZ has RETURNED in the Tournament Arena!

We are pleased to announce that after this mornings upgrade we have seen so many new things. It is unclear at this point whether the Dog Theme is gone for good or if it has been moved to a Curio Shop only. We will keep you posted on that.
UPDATE: According to Webkinz Newz, the Dog Theme has been retired to the Curio Shop. Watch for sales in the Curio Shop.
The news that I am briinging is that after many, many requests, Ganz has re-instated the Game, Whizkinz! Thank you teacher13 for the pictures.It is available in the Tournament arena and one of the FASTEST ways to earn Kinzcash.
It is not accessible through Quizzy's just yet, but if you choose Player Vs Player option, it is in the listing. Get out there and earn some Kinz cash and show everyone what kind of knowledge you have.
UPDATE: It seems that another game has been added to the Tournament Arena. Zingoz Switcherooz (a game that had only been available through the W-shop) has now become a Player VS, Player game in the tournament arena.
Also at this point I would like to add that for any people who are owners of the New Golden Path that is a prize on the Deluxe Wheel, it is now an outdoor only item. If you have the item in your rooms, leave it there (if you want it to remain an indoor item) Removing it to your dock gives it the coding for outdoor use only. Thank you to Footie for this update. (Picture in the Read more section).
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Go Go Googles returns to the Arcade

Thank you to KevinELevin for bringing to our attention that Go Go Googles is back in the Webkinz Arcade!  It is not available in the Tournament Arena.
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Go Go Googles was taken off for a short time as was Color Storm, but returned with this mornings maintenance (Color Storm has not returned).  (Read more)
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Wacky Zingoz Celebration Returning to Webkinz World

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If you missed out on last year's Wacky Zingoz Celebration, you're in luck.  Ganz has just announced that this event will be returning to Webkinz World soon.  Last year's event, which ran for a week in July 2008, gave members a chance to win both Wacky Zingoz Plushies and Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophies.  We're not certain what the dates of this year's event will be, but when it comes around, have your clicking fingers ready.  
During the event, click on a floating Wacky Zingoz to win a Plushie for your account, and play Wacky Zingoz in the Arcade for a chance at a Trophy.  For tips on how to get the best score in Wacky Zingoz, please check out that game's section in our forum, located HERE.

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