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Webkinz Rare Items

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Possible New Medieval Items Discovered on Webkinz Newz

While browsing through the pictures on the Webkinz Newz ( site today, Webkinz Insider members mills96er and ClaraZ25 made some interesting discoveries.  In the preview for the rare Royal Estate Bed, mills96er spotted a unicorn shield, a lion shield, and a bear tapestry.  In the preview for the Medieval Stone Column, ClaraZ25 spotted a pig shield, a bear shield, and a pig tapestry.  Could these new items be coming to Webkinz World in the future?


NOTE:  In response to the comments we have been getting.  The Medieval Unicorn Tapestry (not the shield pictured) was a prize in a Kinzville Newz contest last year.  The Medieval Lion Tapestry (also not pictured) is a Rare item. 


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Pricing Increase on Experiment Station 4 in the Curio Shop!

This morning, the members in our rare tracking thread noticed that the price on the Experiment Station 4 has increased to K$ 1250 from its original price of K$ 1150.  Thanks to Webberlily for the following image from her account showing that the Experiment station 4 sells back to the W Shop for K$ 625, while the other 3 all sell back for K$ 575.  


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Apparently Arte's having a hard time with his vendors on the Experiment Station 4, but it appears that the other 3 have remained at the K$ 1150 price based on the sell-back price.  We're not sure if this is a glitch or intended difference at this point, but something worth noting and keeping an eye on!

Webkinz Insider Updates Rare Items Display!

I've been wanting to update the rares display for a very long time on WI and just never could find a way that was as visually-pleasing as I wanted and uncomplicated enough for manual entry.  I finally broke down and spent the last few days on coding a new rare entry and notice generation script!
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Now, a WI staff member needs to only enter the Curio Shop rare data once and the system takes care of the rest, with a nice graphical display! Our Curio Shop Tracking Tool is also integrated into this new entry mode, so that data will become useful to everyone once again as well.
A few functions that you may not notice at first.  The name of each rare item can be found by putting your mouse over the image in question.  The rares for the entire day will be visible until the clock in that time zone turns to midnight, so members can see if they've missed any rares earlier in the day. Finally, whenever each time zone has a rare in the Curio Shop, the text above and below the image will turn red, giving everyone on the forum a heads up that something rare is available in the Curio Shop during that hour!

Colossal Movie Screen Coming to Arte's Curio Shop!

With the update to Webkinz World this morning, quite a few changes have been made and we'll be blogging about them all day.  We wanted to get this article out as quickly as possible so everyone can start saving their Kinz Cash!
Ganz has added a new rare item to the Curio Shop -- The Colossal Movie Screen -- and it's colossal both in size AND in price! We're unsure as to when it will appear, but we wanted to give everyone advance warning of the 40,000 Kinz Cash price tag.  Yep, that's 4 zeros after the 4!
Webkinz Colossal Movie Screen
According to the item description, the screen plays an exclusive animated surprise and is so large that it will only fit in a large-sized room in your Webkinz home.  We're sure that all of you will want to get your hands on this screen for your home theaters, so start saving now!

WI Members Receive NEW 40000 KC Movie Screen as Adoption Bonus

Congratulations to CassieLouWho and Lemony BOTH who submitted these pictures of the NEW Rare that has yet to be seen in The Curio Shop. As most of you are all aware, this NEW Rare comes with a HEFTY price tag of 40,000 KinzCash. After adopting their pets CassieLouwho and Lemony went to open the bonus Gift Exclusive box and much to their amazement, this is what showed up. Needless to say, they will be saving their KC.
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Curio Shop Programming Fixed, Time to Clear Your Cache

We are pleased to report that the programming for the Curio Shop appears to have been fixed.  It is no longer necessary to log out and log in to get the Rare item to show up for sale.  This is good news for all players, but it is great news for players with Deluxe accounts.
The programming changes Ganz made yesterday were designed to give Deluxe members an advantage in the Curio Shop.  Each hour, instead of having 12 items for sale in the Curio Shop, Deluxe members have 24 items for sale.  They have the 12 items that regular members can see plus an "extra" 12 items.  As a result, Deluxe members will also have an extra chance at getting a Rare item each day.
Here on Webkinz Insider, we will continue to bring you the latest Rare information as it becomes available.  You can find this information at the top of every page in Webkinz Insider, or you can find it on WI's Twitter account, WIDOTCOM.  When a Rare is coming that will only be available on Deluxe accounts, we will be certain to make a note of that, so everyone will know.
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If you are still having a problem with your account, please clear your internet browser's cache.  Here is a link to a set of instructions that will tell you exactly how to do that:  wikiHow

Deluxe Curio Shop with missing Sale items

Asian Webkinz World members with Deluxe accounts were unable to access the Curio Shop Sales today.  There are no Sale items available in the boxes. European Deluxe Account owners are reporting the same empty boxes
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The Regular Curio Shop Sales is working fine, this glitch is only affecting Deluxe members. 
Deluxe members are guaranteed a Rare, but this won't be possible if the glitch is not fixed soon.
UPDATE: It appears that Arte is now offering 12 extra items once again on Deluxe Accounts. Looks like this was fixed during US Maintenance.

Keeping an Eye Out for the Rare "Colossal Movie Screen"

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Ever since Ganz announced that they were adding a new "rare" item to Webkinz World, the Colossal Movie Screen, we have been getting a lot of questions from our members about when it will be available for purchase.  As of today, the Movie Screen has not yet been listed for sale in the Curio Shop, but we are keeping a look out for it, and as soon as we know when it will be there, we will let you know.  Remember, this item costs 40,000 KC, so if you want to buy it, it's time to build up your bank.
As most of you know, here on Webkinz Insider we have bringing you accurate Rare information for well over two years now.  If you want to know what Rare items Arte is going to have for sale, just come on in to our forum and check out our "Rare Notice" at the top of the page.  Or, if you prefer to get your Webkinz newz "on the go", you can sign up to follow WI's Twitter account: WIDOTCOM.  We'll let you know what will be for sale, when it will be for sale, how much it will cost, and whether it will be available on all accounts or only on Deluxe accounts.

Colossal Movie Screen Rare debuts at the Curio Shop

After much anticipation over the last few months, we are happy to report that the Colossal Movie Screen has made its first debut appearance in the Curio Shop! 

It is available on Deluxe accounts at 8PM Kinz Time on 31 July.

Many of us have been diligently saving Kinz Cash funds in order to purchase this new Rare item.  A few lucky Webkinz Insider members have been fortunate enough to be awarded this Rare with pet adoptions in their bonus box shortly after this Rare was announced.
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The price is 40,000 KC - the most valuable Rare that Arte has offered.

Webkinz World players with Asian accounts can purchase this Rare first.

The Colossal Movie Screen fits in a large room only, and plays an exclusive animated surprise.

We hope that Arte will offer this again on Regular accounts soon.

Webkinz World Players Wonder About Rare Masks at PJ's Outlet

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Over the past several days, we have been getting a lot of questions in the forum about PJ's Specials.  Specifically, our members want to know if/when PJ is going to be offering the Clown NoseSuperhero Mask, and Venetian Mask for sale.  As of today, the only players who have these items on their accounts received them from the wCares machine or from Series One Trading Card Codes.  These items have not yet been for sale in PJ's Outlet.
Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance when PJ is going to offer something for sale.  Our trackers are keeping an eye out, and as soon as that information becomes available, we will let our members know both here in the forum and on our Twitter account, @WIdotcom
Webkinz Insider member kathynew has summed up the "hunt" in these words:
webkinz cheatsPlease Ms. P.J. bring us some clothes,
Like a Superhero Mask, or a red Clown Nose.
Then our little Webbies will be dressed with the best.
And we can quit looking and get some rest!
To view pictures of the rest of PJ's Special items, please visit WI's Picture Gallery, HERE.

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