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Pet Adoptions

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

WI Member Adopts Domino Cat, Spotty Dinosaur, Robin

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC on her adoption of the new March 2009 Webkinz.  Below you can see pictures of "Dominik" the Webkinz Domino Cat, "Yoshino" the Webkinz Spotty Dinosaur, and "Tuktuk" the Lil Kinz Robin.  The Pet Specific Item and the Pet Special food for these new pets are:  Domino Cat, Domino Effect Area Rug & Delectable Domino Cookies; Spotty Dinosaur, Spotted Prehistoric Plant (animated to open and close) & Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie; Robin, Bobbin' Robin Jukebox (plays music) & Instant Insect Rice.


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WI Member Adopts Webkinz Phoenix -- Webkinz Wednesday, 2-25

Ganz has announced the Webkinz Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Wednesday, February 25th.  This is the first time the Phoenix will have ever been available for sale.


UPDATE:  The Purple Floral Fox and Elephant Charm Code are also for sale.


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UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC on her adoption of "Prometheus", the Webkinz Phoenix.  The Pet Specific Item for the Phoenix is the Pyre Nest Bed and the Pet Special Food is  Papyrus Papayus.


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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Mystical Panda!

Users have reported finding the Series 4 Trading Cards in various places in the US and Canada. We've just received word that one of the members of our Webkinz Forum, ar1nb, is the first WI member to find and activate the Mystical Panda!


For those that aren't aware, the Mystical Panda is a "Series 4 Trading Card Only" pet that has odds of 1 in 360 packs! The Mystical Panda, along with the Magical Retriever from Series 3, are some of the rarest Webkinz in Webkinz World!


Here's some pictures that ar1nb provided to us for everyone to enjoy.  The Mystical Panda comes with the Sun's Embrace Bed and the PSF is Star Shimmer Sippers.  Congratulations to ar1nb on such a lucky find, as they only purchased 6 packs of cards!


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Account Login Glitch in Webkinz World

A number of our users have been experiencing an account login glitch for most of the day on some of their accounts.  We are piecing together the information and it appears that they all have one thing in common -- they adopted new Webkinz this morning on the problem accounts.


The staff here at Webkinz Insider noticed that Webkinz World went back down for maintenance shortly after coming back online this morning, which may be the root cause for the glitch that these users are experiencing.  Customer service informed one of our users, dragonfly64, that adopting a pet during this time between maintenance periods caused the issue on her account.


The login glitch has very specific symptoms: Webkinz World allows you to log in and loads your pets and dock, then it gives you the following message and logs you out (thanks to CHRISBILL for the screenshot below).


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If you are experiencing this issue, you may need to call Customer Service in order to have them remove the newly-adopted pets from your account so that you can adopt them again.

Adoption Problems Continue in Webkinz World

The new adoption problem we reported on earlier today appears to be much worse than we originally thought.  We have been flooded with posts and messages this evening from members who are having the exact problem described in our earlier story:  Webkinz World allows these members to log in and loads their pets and docks and then immediately displays an error message and kicks them out of Webkinz World.   All of these members attempted to adopt their new pets well after today's site maintenance, many into the late evening hours, and now they are totally locked out of their accounts.


Hopefully the programmers at Ganz are hard at work on this problem and they will have some good news for us soon.  At the very least, we hope they make a public statement letting customers know if it is OK to adopt a new Webkinz or not.  From what we have seen this evening, it appears that anyone attempting to adopt a new pet is doing so at their own risk.

Adoption Problems Continue in Webkinz World

We wish we had better news to bring you on this topic, but unfortunately, it looks like the adoption glitch has not been corrected in Webkinz World.  Although we have been getting a handful of reports from members who have been able to process a successful adoptions today, the majority of the reports we have been getting are from members who are totally locked out of their accounts.  Although Ganz has not yet made a public statement to let customers know what is going on, most of the customer service representatives are advising callers to not adopt any new animals right now.  Webkinz Insider member CHRISBILL had the following conversation with a Ganz customer service representative moments ago:


"I was adopting my second pet for the day...and I got locked out again. I called the Tech and she said they were still having problems with adoptions and DO NOT adopt any pets AT ALL [because] there will be no one in the office all weekend but try on Monday when there will be someone in the office. So if you adopt a pet after reading this you take the risk of NOT getting into your account at all over the weekend. She had to reset mine and I can't log into my account until tomorrow morning. If it gets stuck you better call today or you won't be getting in until Monday...The phone number to call is 1-866-932-5469. DO NOT push the #2 option. Push the 0 (ZERO) and keep pushing the 0 (ZERO) until you get a human."  --CHRISBILL


Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ * 1-866-932-5469

Webkinz Customers Wonder: Is it safe to adopt?

We here at Webkinz Insider have been flooded with questions this morning from members who want to know if it is safe to adopt a new Webkinz to their accounts or not. Ganz has not yet made an official statement regarding this problem, so the only thing we have to go on is the reports that come in from our members.  As of this morning, we are still getting reports of members being totally locked out of their accounts following new adoptions.  We are also getting a number of reports from members who were able to adopt new Webkinz to their accounts without any problems at all.  We have not been able to figure out why some accounts are affected by the glitch and others are not.  


Whatever you decide regarding new adoptions on your account, it is worth noting that Ganz Customer Service is closed for the weekend.  The office should re-open on Monday morning.  Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ * 1-866-932-5469


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Tuesday, March 10th Update on Recent Webkinz World Glitches



It's a new day and everyone wants to know if we have any news on the glitches affecting Webkinz World.  Unfortunately, we don't have any new information to offer, but here is a summary of what we do know.


Adoption Glitch:  As recently as this morning we have been getting reports of some members adopting Webkinz without any problem and some reports of members being totally locked out of their accounts following an adoption.  We have also been getting reports of members processing one successful adoption only to be locked out after a second adoption.  The glitch appears to be totally random and there doesn't seem to be any way to predict if your account will be affected.  If you are totally locked out of your account following an adoption, you must contact Ganz to have your account reset.  


H/H/H Glitch:  The points are still dropping and no one knows why.  From what we have been able to piece together from the statements made by Ganz customer service representatives, the drop is related to a new feature that was added to Webkinz World a few weeks ago.  The way it appears the feature is supposed to work is for every day you don't log on to your account, the H/H/H points on your account will go down by a small amount.  What no one has been able to figure out is why some accounts have had a dramatic drop in H/H/H points, even with the account holders logging on every day, and why other accounts haven't been affected at all.  If your account is one of those hit by a large and unexplained drop in points, please contact Ganz to let them know.


Ganz Customer Service:  1-866-932-5469 ext 6848 and leave a message. We have been assured by Ganz that you WILL get a call back.


Those of you who are unable to call Ganz can contact them using the Customer Service section on the Webkinz website.  Go to  and select "Did you see a totally different error message?" 


Hopefully Ganz will make an official statement regarding these glitches soon and clear up the confusion.

Webkinz World Adoption Issues Resolved!

Thanks to ergoiam for bringing our attention to the latest bulletin on Kinzville Newz.  We are happy to report that it is now safe to adopt new Webkinz in Webkinz World again, and that Ms. Birdy wasn't laid off during the past week of lower adoption numbers! Ganz has officially stated that the problem has been fixed and that most accounts that were locked out have also been fixed.  


Ms Birdy Webkinz Adoption Center


For those who are still locked out, Ganz requests that you notify them through one of two forms so they can fix your affected account:

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Arctic Fox

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member splish-splash on his adoption of Vanilla Ice the Webkinz Arctic Fox.  Here you can the Fox standing next to his Pet specific item, the Frozen Tundra Treadmill.  The Pet Special Food for the Arctic Fox is Winter Snow Crepes.  


From what we understand, Hallmark has signed an agreement with Ganz giving them exclusive rights to sell the Arctic Fox at their stores for the first sixty days of the Fox's release.  Starting this Summer, other Webkinz retailers will have the option of carrying the Arctic Fox in their stores.  Reports are that the Arctic Fox is scheduled for official release at Hallmark stores tomorrow, March 19th.


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