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Pet Adoptions

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Our First Webkinz Adoption Video - Polka Dot Bobcat!

Hey everyone! We've started a new channel on You Tube and I am both anxious and nervous to be releasing our first Webkinz-related video. We have big plans for the channel and hopefully you'll enjoy what we have to offer. Since it's encompassing all of our sites into one place, we're the Insiders Network! Please subscribe!
So far, we've managed to put out some decent Club Penguin videos, and I've applied the skills I've learned over the past month or so to try my first Webkinz video. It took me about 26 minutes of footage to finally get what I wanted.. Hopefully, I'll do better next time! Anyways, here's the Polka Dot Bobcat adoption video that I made!
Please be kind, but I'd love to hear any suggestions and constructive criticism on what I could do better next time. I've got the Sweetheart Monster code ready for adoption, but I wanted to get your input first!
Please leave a comment on You Tube, with your choice of what we should name the Sweetheart Monster, and we'll select a random commenter to give the Spotted Tea Trolley PSI for free! I'd also like to hear your feedback (either here or on You Tube) about what you'd think of an adoption video narrated by yours truly.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Sleepy Woodland Dragon *UPDATE*

Let's all say Congrats to kawee on their adoption of their Sleepy Woodland Dragon. Here were can see them pictured next to their Pet Specific Item: Cedar Toy Trunk. We have seen this item in December when there was a glitch and this Pet Specific Item was award to the Cotton Candy Puppy. kawee received this code via email congratting them their one year renewal, yet they never renewed. So check your emails to see if there is a code waiting from you from GANZ as others have reported getting this dragon code also.
*UPDATE*  Webkinz Newz has clarified its position on the awarding of this coveted virtual pet by email to members.  Every week until April 9, 2012, 100 Ganz eStore Deluxe members will receive an email with the code for the Sleepy Woodland Dragon.  Deluxe members will have a chance to win the dragon whether they have a 1 month or 1 year Deluxe account and will be chosen randomly.
Good luck! and don't forget to check your email folder, including your spam or deleted folder as Ganz emails often end  up being automatically sent there.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Clover Lion!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Blythe on the adoption of the new virtual pet, the Clover Lion. Blythe has named this pet GEAROID which is an Irish form of Gerald.
Here you can admire GEAROID with his Pet Specific Item, the Hidden Clover Den. The Clover Lion's Pet Special Food is the Lucky Medallion Steak.  The Clover Lion is a virtual pet available in the Ganz eStore, seasonal to St Patrick Day of course.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Red Velvet Rabbit!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member blessedx5 on the adoption of the new promotional pet Red Velvet Rabbit! Here you can admire Eternity sitting on the Pet Specific Item, the Red Velvet Rose Couch. The Pet Special Food is the Red Velvet Carrot Cake.
The Red Velvet Rabbit is a virtual-only pet, available in the Ganz eStore as a promotional item. You will receive this pet as a bonus on buying or renewing a one-year Deluxe membership. This promotion is available until April 30, 2012. 

Webkinz Adoption Video - Sweetheart Monster!

Hey everyone! Our new channel on You Tube is going great, we just surpassed 300 subscribers and 100,000 views! Remember, we're the Insiders Network! Please subscribe! We've changed our channel background to better reflect the virtual worlds that we cover, let us know what you think.
I took many of your suggestions to improve the video, but forgot to put clothing on the new Webkinz. I'll remember next time. Anyways, here's the Webkinz Sweetheart Monster adoption video that I made!
Please be kind, but I'd love to hear any more suggestions and constructive criticism on what I could do better next time. 
Please leave a comment on You Tube, letting us know if you are planning on seeing the new movie, the Lorax, and we'll select a random commenter to give the Love Potion Cauldron PSI for free! Thanks for watching everyone!

Webkinz Insider member adopts Welsh Corgi and Signature Bengal Cat

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member lovepuppy84 on their adoption of two of the March Webkinz!
Meet Royal the Welsh Corgi and Tiger the Signature Bengal CatRoyal the Welsh Corgi is pictured below with their Royal Guard Station PSI. The PSF that comes with this pet is Ewe Stew. Tiger, the Signature Bengal Cat is pictured with their PSI the Cozy Canopy Bed. The PSF for this pet is Wild Salmon Suffle.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Bedtime Puppy!

Let's congratulate Webkinz Insider member Blythe on the adoption of the new Bedtime Puppy!
Here you can see the aptly named Slumberina sitting on the Bedtime Puppy's Pet Specific Item, the Pizza Party Perch. The Bedtime Puppy's Pet Special Food is the BFF Buttery Popcorn.
The Bedtime Puppy is a virtual pet and part of the Deluxe Only series of pets.  It is available to the Deluxe Advantage eStore customers for the entire month of March only. Normally it will sell for 12,500 points; but for March 1st only, it is available for the reduced price of 10,000 points

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Cuddly Koala

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member hehmommy40 on the adoption of Sequin, the Cuddly Koala! Sequin is stylin' in Cozy Pink Pajamas!
The special food for this pet is the Eucalyptus Tea.
Always visit Webkinz Insider for latest news, pet information, and of course, FUN!!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Peace Out Puppy!

Let's give a big welcome to the first Peace Out Puppy adopted by a Webkinz Insider member! Our very own member shefoof has adopted this new pet today, and named her "Paz" which is Spanish for "peace".
Here you can see Paz proudly riding in her Pet Specific Item, the Peace 'n Love Van.
The Peace Out Puppy's Pet Special Food is the Tofu Tapioca.
The Peace Out Puppy should not be confused with the similar Peace Puppy, released in March 2010.
We at Webkinz Insider brought you news of this previously unannounced new pet just a few hours ago.  It has reportedly been seen only in Justice stores so far. However, shefoof received this pet as a present purchased out of state from an unknown store. It remains to be seen if the Peace Out Puppy will be a Store Exclusive pet or available in all stores. 
If you're looking to adopt a new webkinz, please consider visiting Ameriwade, Webkinz Insider's partner store.  Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping, and a portion of every sale that is made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Radiant Rhino!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member xmaryxmayhemx on being the first to adopt the Radiant Rhino. This Radiant Rhino is named Reno because of all the sequins on him.
Here you can see Reno with his Pet Specific Item, the Sunny Savanna Window. This PSI is animated: xmaryxmayhemx tells us that you can click on the shade to pull it down and back up!  The Radiant Rhino's Pet Specific Food is the Sparkling Soda.
The Radiant Rhino is a plushie Webkinz being released this March.
 If you're thinking about a new Webkinz, don't forget to look at Webkinz Insider's partner store, AmeriwadeAmeriwade features $5 flat rate shipping to the USA and Canada, no matter how large your order is; shoppers who pay with credit cards are not charged until their orders ship, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.

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