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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Series 4 Trading Cards Reveals Webkinz Walrus

Yesterday we reported to you that the new Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards has one category of card called "Newest Arrivals".  Today we can report to you that one of those "Newest Arrivals" is an animal that hasn't yet arrived:  a Walrus.  This is the very first time any information has been released by Ganz regarding a Walrus, so we can't yet tell you when it will be for sale.  As soon as we get a hold of any confirmed information, we will bring it to you.


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of this new card.  


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Possible New Signature Pet Discovered in Advertisement

A new set of advertisements has started running on the Webkinz Newz site for Ganz' new line of "Webkinz Signature" pets.  One of the new ads seems to show a Chimpanzee peeking out from a curtain.  Ganz has confirmed that the first pet in the new series will be the Signature Panda.  Could a "Signature Chimpanzee" be the next pet?  We'll just have to wait and see.


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Possible New Webkinz Discovered on Trading Card -- Blue Googles!

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member dana0921 for sharing this picture with us.  It's from the back of a Series 4 Trading Card.  Could this be a previously unannounced Blue Googles?  At this point we just don't know.  Unlike the card with the Walrus we showed you a few days ago, this card does not have any description.


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Webkinz Wednesday, March 4th *UPDATED*

Ganz has announced that the Webkinz Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Webkinz Wednesday, March 4th:


UPDATE:  It looks like Ganz forgot to update the Webkinz Wednesday link at the eStore, but thanks to Webkinz Insider member mbeaser we can bring you the page:


Treetop Room Available For Flying Pets in Webkinz World!

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The users in our forum finally uncovered the reason for the long downtime in Webkinz World last night.  With a few small improvements such as the Gem Hunt Count in the Curio Shop and the Blooming Dandelion POTM Prize, we weren't sure why the servers were down for so long.


That mystery has been solved, thanks to Copious and jeLlyBeAn1573, who have provided us with pictures of the brand-new treetop room added to Webkinz World.  It appears that you must have a bird in your Webkinz account to be able to select this room option when buying a new room.  New activations of birds, if it is one of your first 10 Webkinz, such as the Webkinz Phoenix in the eStore today are automatically awarded a treetop room.


Webkinz World Bird Treetop Room


We've received reports that a great deal of furniture can't be placed in the treetop room, but this may be a glitch that will be corrected soon.  It does appear that most outdoor furniture can be placed in treetop rooms.


UPDATE: We are receiving mixed reports as to who can and cannot buy the new rooms.  Some members without birds have been able to purchase them, and some with birds cannot.  At this time, we aren't sure how or why certain members are qualified for buying the room.  Thanks to Dixiecup for showing us a night time screenshot from her Asian time zone account -- the sky turns dark!


UPDATE:  Thanks to the new Webkinz newspaper article, we now know that Treetop Rooms are only available on accounts that have "flying" animals.  So, Penguins and Ducks don't count, but Bats do.  Also, a new Treetop Theme of furniture should be arriving in Webkinz World soon.


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UPDATE 2: Thanks to 00jacksonredwall for providing us with a picture of the Treetop Room during the evening, where the sun is setting! From what we now understand, it is not all "birds" but all flying animals will unlock the new Treetop Rooms (sorry, penguin owners!).


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WI Discovers Lil Kinz Budgie!

We have our hands on official, verified images of the new Lil Kinz Budgie for all of you! Since the Lil' Kinz Budgie is not slated for release to retailers in April, we believe that it will be one of the pets that Ganz will be releasing in May! Here's some early images of the plush and virtual in-game image for you to enjoy!


Lil Kinz Budgie              Lil Kinz Budgie

WI Discovers Webkinz Jack Russell Terrier, Zebra, Blue Googles!

To follow up our earlier story, here's more exclusive, verified images of what we believe to be the May releases into Webkinz World.  The rumors are true -- there's a Blue Googles coming to Webkinz World! Along with the Webkinz Blue Googles are the Webkinz Jack Russell Terrier and Webkinz Zebra! Unfortunately, we've only been able to verify the virtual image for the Jack Russell and have just the plush images for the others.  Enjoy!


Webkinz Zebrawebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats


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Possible New Webkinz Discovered on Trading Card

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member thecarters05 for providing us with a clear picture of what has come to be know as the "Brown Yorkie" sticker from the Series 4 Trading Cards.  Is this sticker an indication that Ganz is planning on releasing a Brown Yorkie, or is this just a more accurate picture of what a Webkinz Yorkie should look like? As many of our members pointed out back when the Webkinz (white) Yorkie was originally released, there is no such thing as a pure-bred "White Yorkie" and the animal released by Ganz looks more like a Maltese.   If/when Ganz releases any information, we will let you know.


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Adoption and HHH Issues Addressed by Webkinz Creative Director

Over the past week, I've seen users in our forums concerned, upset, even outraged.  There are two issues currently in Webkinz World that have been upsetting everyone, and I decided that it was time to get reliable information from the Creative Director at Ganz's Interactive Division.  He quickly responded to my inquiry with some answers to the questions that many of you have been asking.

With the adoption issue, Ganz is taking it very seriously and has a team dedicated to fixing it. They want to assure you that it is just as frustrating to them as it is to us.  It has been very difficult to diagnose, as it only affects some people and not others, but they are working as quickly as they can.  We urge you to try your best to hold off on adopting new Webkinz until we can be sure that the issue has been resolved.  For those that are locked out of your accounts, please call the following number and leave a message. Ganz has assured us that you will receive a call back -- 1-866-932-5469 ext 6848.
The second issue, which has caused quite a stir here on WI, is the Health - Hunger - Happiness dropping issue. This feature was part of Webkinz World when it was launched, but was removed in late-2006 due to performance issues.  As part of their current efforts to repair glitches in Webkinz World, the code for the HHH calculations was re-written more efficiently and returned into the Webkinz World program.
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Unfortunately, since it was designed some time ago, it is affecting people more than Ganz expected. Initially, some members got a larger drop than they were supposed to. Secondly, members who have a large number of pets are burdened both in time and Kinz Cash by the new feature.
The Creative Director explains that the HHH dropping is not to force people to play on the site daily, rather to make the Webkinz seem like they are more alive -- something that he believes is essential to the spirit of Webkinz World.  The idea that your non-active pets get hungry when they aren't fed or miss you when you aren't with them lends itself to this belief.
The Creative Director has assured me that Ganz has heard your voice and is making changes as we speak.
The HHH drop feature has already been taken out of Webkinz World to have the numbers reworked. The feature will return, but the impact on non-active pets will be significantly reduced and will be calculated based on the number of pets you own.  For members with very large accounts, non-active pets will be unaffected by the HHH dropping feature.
I hope that this answers a few questions that many of you have had and lets you know that Ganz has heard your voice and responded with action!

Webkinz Wednesday at the Webkinz eStore, March 11th

Ganz has announced that the Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Wednesday, March 11th:


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