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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Ameriwade to Pre-Sell Webkinz Signature, Webkinz Jr.

We've just received word from Robert at Ameriwade.Com that they are planning to pre-sell the very limited quantities of the Webkinz Signature line and their second allotment of Webkinz Jr.  We wanted to make sure that all of our members had the best chance of getting their hands on these hard to get items!


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Both the Webkinz Signature and Webkinz Jr. items will be posted for sale on at 12 noon Pacific Time (3pm Kinz Time) on Friday, March 13th.  There is a limit of 1 Webkinz Signature pet per customer.  Thanks to Robert, our retail partner, for giving our members advance notice of the sale time! Remember, a portion of each sale on Ameriwade.Com goes toward supporting WebkinzInsider.Com!


UPDATE (3:10 PM KT): Just heard from Robert, his Webkinz Signature allotment sold out in less than 60 seconds and shortly after, the Webkinz Jr. selection sold out as well.  He did let me know that he was in negotiations with other retailers to secure additional Webkinz Signature plushes and will keep us updated!

WI Introduces "Insider Insider" Premium Subscriptions and Donations!

First, I want to let everyone know that the subscriptions and donations are completely optional. If you do not choose to subscribe or donate, none of your current access or privileges will change and you will still be able to enjoy WI for free, as you always have!


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I finally had the courage to put the system up and let things start running! Cross your fingers, everyone!


As the state of our economy continues to deteriorate, ad revenues are declining as well. As such, we are forced to find other revenue streams to fund WebkinzInsider.Com and keep it free!


Shortly after the completion of our donation program for Philip, I decided that a complete overhaul of the donations system was necessary to automate the badge awards. Wendy & I also discussed premium subscriptions to WI, which would give "Insider Insiders" a number of upgrades, including the ability that many have asked for -- disabling all ads on the forum!


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If you would like to simply donate to WI, you can find the link to donate in the navbar on any forum page. In order to become an "Insider Insider" subcriber, you click "Paid Subscriptions" near the bottom of your UserCP menu or click here: Insider Insider Paid Subscriptions


Details for the "Insider Insider" subscription program can be found here: Insider Insider Subscription FAQs

Details for our "W Supporter" donations can be found here: Donation FAQs


It's taken almost a year for me to put the finishing touches on the premium forum subscriptions and donations system and... here goes nothing!

WI Feature Reminder: Webkinz PSI & PSF Listing

Have you checked out Webkinz Insider's Webkinz PSI & PSF listing?  If you haven't taken a look at it lately, you might be surprised.  Recently reformatted, and fully up-to-date, this section of the site contains the latest PSI and PSF information on Future Pets as well as information on all previous Webkinz releases.  You can view this list by clicking on the option in the forum's menu bar (as pictured below) or by following this link:


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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Arctic Fox

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member splish-splash on his adoption of Vanilla Ice the Webkinz Arctic Fox.  Here you can the Fox standing next to his Pet specific item, the Frozen Tundra Treadmill.  The Pet Special Food for the Arctic Fox is Winter Snow Crepes.  


From what we understand, Hallmark has signed an agreement with Ganz giving them exclusive rights to sell the Arctic Fox at their stores for the first sixty days of the Fox's release.  Starting this Summer, other Webkinz retailers will have the option of carrying the Arctic Fox in their stores.  Reports are that the Arctic Fox is scheduled for official release at Hallmark stores tomorrow, March 19th.


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Happy 2nd Birthday WebkinzInsider - Register for the Contests!!

Today marks two years since the launch date of WebkinzInsider.Com.  We've grown so much and had so much fun in the past two years and Wendy & I, along with the rest of the WI staff, want to thank you all for being a part of this wonderful community!


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Tonight, March 23, 2009 at 8:00pm US Kinz Time, we will be giving away TWO Webkinz Dragons courtesy of our friends at our partner store They have donated one Whimsy Dragon and one Emperor Dragon.  We'll select a winner LIVE from all members who are online at that time, so make sure to be here!


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In addition, we're giving away two Insider Insider Subscriptions, a Webkinz Blue Dragster, and a Mauna Loa (Red) Lava Lamp! Please visit the following thread for details on how to enter:

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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Boston Terrier Webkinz

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member fumble99 on her adoption of a Webkinz Boston Terrier.  Here you can see "Rock Star" posing with his Pet Specific Item the Puppy Collar Clock.  The Pet Special food for the Boston Terrier is Boston Baked Bones.  The Boston Terrier is one of the new Webkinz scheduled for April 2009 release.

WI Member Adopts Webkinz Lemur, Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish!

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member sandilight on being the first member to adopt both the Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur and the Lil' Kinz Polka Back Fish!


The Webkinz Lemur comes with the Leaping Lemur Trampoline PSI and the Toasted Grub Sub PSF, shown below.  Matching its looks, the trampoline fits right in to the Treetop room!


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Virtual Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur Gift Box Webkinz Ring Tailed Lemur PSI - Leaping Lemur TrampolineWebkinz Ring Tailed Lemur PSI - Toasted Grub Sub


The Lil' Kinz Polka Back Fish comes with the Friendly Anemone Stove PSI and the Polka Dot Donut Bits PSF.  Both of these pets are from the new Webkinz being added to Webkinz World in April 2009.


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Virtual Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish Gift Box Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish PSI - Friendly Anemone Stove Lil Kinz Polka Back Fish PSI - Polka Dot Donut Bits

WI Member Adopts Webkinz Signature Panda!

Congratulations to ConchyJane on being the first WI member to ever adopt a Webkinz Signature pet! Here's the newest member of her Webkinz family, Pooky the Signature Panda! She reports that the slide can only go in outdoor or treetop rooms and it is interactive, just as we saw in the Kinzville Newz video.  


Virtual Webkinz Signature Panda Webkinz Signature Panda Gift Box Webkinz Signature Panda PSI - Bamboo Chute SlideWebkinz Signature Panda PSI - Signature Sushi Roll


In addition to the Bamboo Chute Slide PSI and Signature Sushi Roll PSF, she was awarded the Lavish Limo from the Signature Exclusive collection for the adoption! She included a picture of her Webkinz Signature Panda next to a regular Webkinz Panda so other members could see the difference between the looks and size!


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ConchyJane also noticed an interesting "typo" in the wShop.  The desription for the Signature Panda's PSF says that it was "specially made for the Mystical Panda".  The PSF for the Mystical Panda is actually called Star Shimmer Sippers.  Despite what the description says, we understand that "Pooky" says it tastes delicious.


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WebkinzInsider.Com to become

Everyone update your bookmarks!

We're being forced to change our domain name. We've been given a formal deadline of Webkinz Day, April 29th, 2009 to change our domain name. We were forced to select as the cease-and-desist require us to drop both "Webkinz" and "Insider" from our name as a result of what has transpired this morning.

Here's a clipping from this morning's paper, along with a picture e-mailed to us this morning from the leader of the Elephant Justice League.

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According to the letter we received, WebkinzInsider.Com knowingly and willingly allowed this extremist group to organize and coordinate their siege on Ganz Headquarters and we are being held responsible.

While the entire staff read the thread from time to time, laughing hysterically, none imagined that these were serious plans created by such an extremist group. We were instructed to leave the thread, with all plans and grievances, in its entirety as it is now considered evidence:

In addition, the letter forces us to immediately retire the one staff member named after a Webkinz pet -- COWS4YOU.

We are deeply disappointed in the turn of events, as the Elephant Justice League was unable to uncover any "Insider" info to have made any of this worthwhile.

Please visit the thread below to sign a petition to save WebkinzInsider.Com and COWS4YOU!!!

WI Members Activate Kinz Klips and Enter Zumwhere!

Thanks to EXOTERIC and jessicabarnhart for providing pictures and narrative for their first foray into Zumwhere! As expected, you can only search for Zums once per day, and each of the above users had a different experience in Zumwhere.
EXOTERIC snapped an obstructed picture of a Zum and had to take a "Zum Puzzler sliding block challenge" in order to receive her Zummies. jessicabarnhart, on the other hand, snapped a clear picture of a Zum and was awarded her 3 Zummies. Here is a collage of some the images from their first experience!
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For full-resolution pictures and further information, visit EXOTERIC's thread in General Discussion: My adventure in Zumwhere - Pictures! (Post Yours too & maybe we can make a guide for it!!)

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