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Ms. Cowoline

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Webkinz Hosts Post Cards and Gifts to Senders

Since discovering yesterday that we can add the hosts a few people have been diligently sending letters and gifts to them.
Now they have seen a return of letters as well as small items from the hosts of Webkinz World.
After sending 8 letters, you receive a Pen Pal Badge.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider Member Jenn, we can see what some of the gifts are. So far she has gotten letters back from some of the hosts and three gifts were included.
Why not help us keep track of what was sent and what was received.
Check out the link for the Tracking Thread.
For more information on Character Hosts in Webkinz World, check out our WIki.

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy, September 20th

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With Summer officially coming to an end soon, Ms. Cowoline is having a Super School Day on September 20th at the Kinzville Academy! That's right, 2 class credits for each time you pass a class!
Your webkinz can finish that class just a little sooner when you attend Super School Days. It's like getting a free class and who doesn't love free?
So round up your webkinz and head on down the Kinzville Academy and go see Ms. Cowoline. If it is your first time at the Academy, she will tell you all about it! Hip Hip Hooray for the Super School Day!

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy on January 4th

 Looking for some extra credit? Then stop on by the Kinzville Academy on January 4th and see Ms Cowoline. She is offering extra credit at the Academy. For each class your webkinz completes, you will in turn receive two credits for it versus the standard one credit. With the price of earning a Kinzville Academy Diploma being free, Super School Days help you achieve your diploma faster.
So head on over to the Kinzville Academy on January 4th for the Super School Day!

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy on January 24th

Ms Cowoline is once again offering up extra credit at the Kinzville Academy. She loves seeing our webkinz getting smarter each time they complete a class that is she offering a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy on January 24th. For each class you complete, you will receive 2 credits versus the standard 1 credit. The best part of this is that the cost is FREE! So send your webkinz on over to see Ms Cowoline and she will be happy to see them!

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy, January 31st

Head on over to the Kinzville Academy on Tuesday, January 31st and Ms Cowoline will greet you with a Super Smile. Why? On Tuesday, it is Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy and that means free extra classes! Receive two credits for each class completed versus the standard one credit! That means that your webkinz can finish those classes faster and put you that much closer to obtaining your Kinzville Academy Diploma! So head on over to the Kinzville Academy on Tuesday and go see Ms Cowoline. She will walk you through it if it is your first time.
Happy Schooling!

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy, February 8th

Have you seen this cow before? Maybe even just a few days ago on February 3rd? The cow pictured at the left is Ms Cowoline and is the Superintendent of Kinzville Academy. Seems that this Superintendent is really pushing educating our webkinz as she has made February 8th another Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy! That is correct! Not even a week later since the last Super School Day and Ms Cowoline is offering two credits for each class you complete. Seems this bovine is all about educating our webkinz and doing her part to help us. Thank You Ms Cowoline for making Wednesday, February 8th, another Super School Day!

Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy, March 8th

Ms Cowoline would love to see your webkinz once again this week for extra credit! That is correct. For the second time this week, it is a Super School Day at the KinzVille Academy! I guess she didn't have many students on Monday so she thought to have another Super School Day on Thursday, March 8th. No matter the reason why we have two in one week, let's all head over to the KinzVille Academy and take advantage of the extra class credit you receive when you complete a class.
Who doesn't love this free education benefit?

Super School Day on Monday, March 19th!

Monday, March 19th, is a wonderful day for all Kinzville Academy Students! School Superintendent, Ms. Cowoline, is once again offering double credit to pets who complete any classes on this Super School Day. Whether your kinz sign up and successfully complete classes in the Basic Pet Course or in the Pet Talent Course sections of the Kinzville Academy curriculum, they will qualify for this extra credit. 

Webkinz Insider
members wont want to miss this chance to further their pets' education!  Take your pet to class on Super School Day on Monday!

Super School Day on Monday, April 2nd, at Kinzville Academy!

It is that time again! There will be a Super School Day on Monday, April 2nd, at Kinzville Academy. Ms Cowoline is awarding double credit to all her Webkinz students for each class they complete on this day. This is a wonderful way for Webkinz Insider members to spend time with their pets as the kinz proudly improve their skills. Whether your pets enroll on the Basic Courses or in the Talent Courses of the Kinzville Academy curriculum, they qualify for this extra credit upon successful completion of a class. They can also earn special Recess privileges, and who doesn't love Recess?!

As your pets proceed through the levels of education at Kinzville Academy, they will earn Pins on their Report Card for completing the levels of the courses. They can even earn Prizes and a Diploma!
So head to Kinzville Academy on Monday with your kinz. Ms. Cowoline would be impressed!

Super School Day on Tuesday, April 10th, at Kinzville Academy!

Brrrrr-ing! That's the sound of the school bell and Ms. Cowoline is calling all pets to Super School Day at Kinzville Academy on Tuesday, April 10th! When Webkinz Insider members take their kinz to school on this special day, they will receive double credit for every class that they successfully complete!

Does your pet like working out, improving their Strength or Running? Maybe they are more interested in Style or Cooking! No matter what their scholastic pursuits, there is something to suit the interests of everyone at Kinzville Academy. Whether your pets complete classes in the Basic or Talent sections on Super School Day, they will receive twice the credit for each class. No doubt about it, Tuesday is a perfect day to take your pet and sign up for classes at Kinzville Academy!

So head on over to the Academy on Tuesday with your pet. You will be glad you did!

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