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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

WI Member Solves New Webkinz Grapplesnap Recipe!

Webkinz Recipe Grapplensnap solved
Congratulations to monkeecj for his 4th solved recipe, and his fastest one yet! In less than two hours from starting work on solving the recipe, it has been solved and verified!
The recipe is: Apple Juice, Baked Beans, Green Grapes in the Blender!
Head down to our recipes section of the forum to help out on figuring out the other 4 that were introduced to Webkinz World today!
Check out our webkinz recipes section for all the solved and unsolved Webkinz recipes!

WI Member solves a clothing recipe - Glass Slippers!!

Congratulations to our Webkinz Insider member LinLin for solving a webkinz clothing machine recipe!  LinLin was able to create "Glass Slippers" by using Funky Girl Glasses, Princess Hat and Ruby Slippers in the Clothing Machine. Way to go!!!

WI Member solves Maizeloop Webkinz secret recipe!

Congratulations to WI member ClaraZ25 for being the first on Webkinz Insider to solve the new secret recipe, Maizeloop.  This secret recipe was added to Webkinz World on November 12, 2009 -- just two days ago!  ClaraZ25 was not awarded a Secret Chef Trophy though, so someone else in Webkinz World must have found this recipe earlier.
The ingredients are:  carrot cake + corn on the cob + french fries on the stove.
There are five more three-ingredient recipes that remain unsolved.  Please head down to the Recipes section of our forum to help in finding these recipes!

WI Member Solves Jazzy Jeweloni Webkinz Recipe!

Congratulations to WI member samoyeds43 for solving one of the just-released recipes in Webkinz World!  The recipe for Jazzy Jeweloni is:  raspberries, blueberries, and ramen noodles on the stove.  Unfortunately, no recipe trophy was awarded -- which means that someone else in Webkinz World solved the recipe earlier.
There are four more foods from today's group of secret recipes still waiting to be solved:  Striped Mellowmallow, Betwinkled Strumble, Careening Rojodillos, and Amora Supora.  Please join the fun in our Recipes Forum to help in finding these solutions!

WI Member Solves Ravishilli Webkinz Recipe

webkinz cheats
Congrats to fumble99 on solving the Ravishelli Recipe. The ingredients are: Shrimp, Cake & Spaghetti on the stove. They were also the first member in Webkinz World to solve this recipe so they received the cooking trophy.  There are still other recipes that are not solved. Why not visit the Recipe Section here on WebkinzInsider and see if you can help solve one of them.

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Highland Kilt Clothing Machine Recipe!

Congratulations to WI member taytertots for solving the brand new Highland Kilt clothing machine recipe!  This recipe was just announced along with 4 other new clothing pieces that can be made in the Webkinz Clothing Machine located in PJ's Kinzstyle Outlet in Webkinz World.
The Highland Kilt is made with the Funky Plaid Hat, the Kilt Skirt and the Purple Kilt which are all sold at PJ's.
webkinz cheats
Check out the Stylish Webkinz section of our forum located HERE for more recipes that need solving! To see all of the Clothing Machine Recipes in Webkinz World, both solved and unsolved, visit ourWebkinz Clothing Machine Recipes section here on Webkinz Insider!

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Blastop Rocaket Recipe!

Congratulations to one of Webkinz Insider's most dedicated recipe solvers, our own WIki Sysop monkeecj, for solving his 6th recipe, Blastop Rocaket!  The recipe is made on the stove using chicken nuggets, orange pop and popcorn.
It will be 2 years on August 9th since monkeecj solved his first recipe Floridisa and monkeecj has said that he would like to "dedicate" this solve to fellow Webkinz Insider member and Rextexmex solver sydney88.  monkeecj says "This is because sydney88 made a rocket recipe for her design-a-recipe contest in March 2009. She called it 'Blastarooni,' and I told her when Blastop Rocaket came out that it looks like Ganz modeled this recipe after hers! And she said 'I do believe that is my recipe.' I want to tell her that I solved this one for her!"
If you'd like to join the WI Chef family and help in the recipe solving quest be sure to check out the Webkinz Insider Recipe Section HERE.

Webkinz Insider Member solves Shellbellow recipe

Congratulations goes out our own Webkinz Insider Member, MomWhoPlays for solving Shellbellow. Let's all welcome her to the Masterchef's Hall of Fame.
If you'd like to help solve Webkinz Recipes here on Webkinz Insider, please visit the Recipe section of our Webkinz Forum. Make sure to check out our solved Webkinz Cookbook here on WI, that has all solved and unsolved Webkinz Recipes to date!
webkinz cheats
To make this recipe: Cherries + Chocolate Milk + Shrimp in the blender

Webkinz Insider Member Solves Pokeydokees Recipe

webkinz cheats
Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member 8thnotegirl on solving Pokeydokees.  This secret recipe is made on the Sandwich Maker with Artichoke, Durian, and Raspberries.  It was one of five recipez added to Webkinz World on the 10th of November, just over a month ago.
If you'd like to work on solving the remaining secret recipez, please join our members in the Recipe Section of the forum. Make sure to check out our interactive Webkinz Recipes tool for a comprehensive listing of all recipes in Webkinz World, both solved and unsolved!

Two More Webkinz World Arcade Games Added to Apple App Store

webkinz cheats
If you're a fan of Webkinz games Cash Cow 2 or Smoothie Moves, and you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, you can now play your favorite games on the go.  Ganz has added these two Arcade games to the Apple App Store.  You can play the games when you're away from your computer, then, when your mobile device is connected to the internet, your KinzCash will transfer over automatically.
These games are only available for Apple devices.  They are not available for Droid products.
UPDATE:  If you haven't yet purchased Goober's Lab for your iPhone, you can pick it up for FREE today.

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