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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Glitch Provides Sneak Peek at 2010 Trick or Treat Event

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Thank you to Webkinz Insider member lilkinzmom7 for sharing this picture with us of the candy collection screen for the 2010 Trick or Treat event.  This screen surprised her when she entered her Webkinz' house earlier this evening.  We have also had reports of members being surprised with last year's "Pot of Gold" from last St. Patrick's Day when entering their houses.  We don't know why these screens are popping up for some players, but lilkinzmom7's glitch gives us some new information about his year's Trick or Treat event.
As you can see, many of the candy items from last year have returned, but some of the items have been replaced with new ones.  Shown above are slots for Licorice Pretzel, Tart Terrors, Sweet Spectre, Pastel W Poppers (new), Wacky Gum Drops, Magic W Lolly, Fizzy Fuzzies (new), Chocolate Tombstone (new), Gummy Paws, Marshmallow Eyeballs, Fruity Fangs, and Slimesicle (new).  The items not returning are the Bat Bar, PB&J Chocowich, Tooth Glue Toffee, and Vampire Pop.  Players collecting all twelve of this year's candy items will be rewarded with the 2010 Jack O' Lantern to "carve".
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"Spooky" the Mazin' Hamster should start passing out candy on October 22.  
When he does, we will be following him in the Official Spooky Trick or Treat Tracking Thread in the Special Events section of our forum. 

WI Member Completes Trick or Treat Candy Collection

webkinz cheatsCongratulations to Webkinz Insider member satherton on completing her 2010 Trick or Treat candy collection!  
Unfortunately, when satherton clicked on "unlock" to claim her Grand Prize "carvable" Jack O' Lantern, nothing happened.  It appears that the programming for this part of the event has not yet been completed.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will be able to take care of this on Monday morning.
UPDATE:  As more and more members are completing their candy collections, we are learning more about this glitch.  It turns out that players who complete their collections ARE getting a pumpkin, but that the pumpkin is being dropped into their docks without notice.  However, there still appears to be a glitch.  Players who DID NOT get a pumpkin in 2009, ARE able to carve faces on their pumpkins.  Players who DID get a pumpkin in 2009, are NOT able to carve their new 2010 pumpkin.
For more information about the 2010 Trick or Treat event, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.
For more information on how to find Spooky the Mazin' Hamster on your account, please visit the Official Tracking Thread, HERE.

Ganz Officially Addresses 2010 Trick or Treat Glitch

A short time ago Ganz released the following statement regarding the 2010 Trick or Treat event:
"We are aware that the Trick or Treat customizable Jack-O-Lantern is not working properly for some users. This issue seems to only be affecting users who won the customizable Jack-O-Lantern in 2009. We have found a solution which will be put to use today.

NOTE: Winner's of the 2009 Jack-O-Lantern who have yet to customize it, will not be able to do so after today's solution is put in place. We are working on a greater solution to the issue, so that this too will be fixed."
UPDATE - Tuesday, October 26th - Pumpkins can now be carved!!!

New Studio items in W-shop for Halloween

For our Movie making buffs we have some wonderful news. There are two new actors and a new Studio Playset added to the Toys and Games category of the W-Shop -- A Werewolf and a Vampire to go with a spooky Dark Woods Movie Set.
They appear to be available all the time and not just seasonally, so you have plenty of time to make your Twilight Saga stories with your Movie Studio. For more information on Items in Webkinz World, check out our information in the WIki.
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Halloween Gifts appearing in Euro and North America, not Asia

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We have been receiving reports that we are now getting the Halloween Gift Bags in the American accounts as well as the European accounts. Unfortunately as it is November 1st in Asia. account holders might have to call Ganz head office to get their bags.  Trick or Treat badges show up in accounts that did not get one last year. It is the same badge.  Enjoy your packages, everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
GANZ phone number is 1-866-WEB-KINZ Please note that they will only accept calls from adults (18 years old or older).
UPDATE (Monday):  Based on reports in our forum this morning, it appears that the Customer Service Reps at Ganz are being very helpful in getting players their missing items.  Our members are reporting having the missing items dropped directly into their docks while they are on the telephone with Ganz.
If you are trying to get through to Ganz on the phone regarding your missing Halloween gift, please be patient.  We understand that the number has been ringing busy most of the morning.  When you get through, please remember to be polite.  The Customer Service Reps have no control over what happened this weekend.  Their only concern is making sure you get the items that belong to you today.
If you would like to contact Ganz with feedback, please take a look at our WIki's "Contact Ganz" page.

October Pet of the Month is the Webkinz Black Cat

webkinz cheatsThank you to our friends at Ameriwade ( we can bring you the news that the Pet of the Month for October 2011 is the Webkinz Black Cat.  This is the very first time Ganz has selected a seasonal pet for the POTM program.  
The Black Cat, which was first sold in 2007, has returned to stores every Halloween since.  All Black Cat owners will be able to participate in special POTM activites, and players who adopt new Black Cats during this October will receive POTM Loot Bags.

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Pumpkin Puppy

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Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member violinbeauty on her adoption of a new Pumpkin Puppy.  Here you can see "Cheater Cheater" posing next to his Pet Specific Item, the Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Chair.  When a pet sits in the chair, a tiny ghost pops out of the top.  The Pet Special Food for the puppy is Trickier Treats.  The Pumpkin Puppy is the seasonal plushie for this year's Halloween season.

New Halloween Costumes Arrive in the KinzStyle Outlet

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PJ Collie has just stocked the KinzStyle Outlet with Halloween Costumes!   Making a return appearance for Halloween are the Candy Corn Witch Outfit, X-Ray Costume, and Zombie Costume.   Three new costumes were also introduced - the Egyptian Mummy Costume, Ladybug Costume, and Martian Costume. 
A special thank you to Webkinz Insider Member lemony for sharing the pictures of her Razzle Dazzle Dog named Moira wearing the costumes.  Remember the Halloween Costumes are only available for a limited time so be sure to stock up before they are gone!
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Webkinz Newz Announces New Peek-A-Newz for the Month of October!

Webkinz Newz is announcing a new Peek-A-Newz that will run for the entire month of October!
Play Peek-A-Newz every day in October to win random Webkinz Newz exclusive Halloween prizes. Log into Peek-A-Newz from the WKN Contest page, then look for the pumpkin peeking out from behind ads, anywhere on any Webkinz Newz page. Click on the pumpkin 5 times, fill out the form and a prize will be added to your Webkinz account. As usual, this is one prize per day per account.
You will find lots of information on how to do the Peek-A-Newz HERE.  Learn all about the various Halloween activities in our WIKI.

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