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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

WI Member Adopts Domino Cat, Spotty Dinosaur, Robin

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC on her adoption of the new March 2009 Webkinz.  Below you can see pictures of "Dominik" the Webkinz Domino Cat, "Yoshino" the Webkinz Spotty Dinosaur, and "Tuktuk" the Lil Kinz Robin.  The Pet Specific Item and the Pet Special food for these new pets are:  Domino Cat, Domino Effect Area Rug & Delectable Domino Cookies; Spotty Dinosaur, Spotted Prehistoric Plant (animated to open and close) & Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie; Robin, Bobbin' Robin Jukebox (plays music) & Instant Insect Rice.


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WI Member Adopts Webkinz Phoenix -- Webkinz Wednesday, 2-25

Ganz has announced the Webkinz Phoenix will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Wednesday, February 25th.  This is the first time the Phoenix will have ever been available for sale.


UPDATE:  The Purple Floral Fox and Elephant Charm Code are also for sale.


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UPDATE:  Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC on her adoption of "Prometheus", the Webkinz Phoenix.  The Pet Specific Item for the Phoenix is the Pyre Nest Bed and the Pet Special Food is  Papyrus Papayus.


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No Bird Badge for Hummingbird Owners?

Several of our members who have Hummingbirds on their accounts have noticed an interesting glitch with the Badge feature on My Page.  The programming that determines whether or not an account should have the "Friend of Fowl" badge doesn't appear to be recognizing the Hummingbird as a bird.  Accounts that have a Hummingbird, and do not have any other birds, do not have the Bird Badge as an option on their My Pages.


UPDATE:  We have received reports that the same thing is happening with the Toucan and Phoenix.


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W-Shop List Glitch

As many of our members have noticed, for several days now there has been a glitch with the Exclusive item list in the wShop.  The system has been very picky about allowing anyone to view page five or page six of the list.  If you click on the Rainbow Jelly Cactus, Rainy Day Window, or the middle of the Next button, the system will show you the description of the Rainy Day Window.  If you click on the very bottom of the Next button (as shown by the red line below), the system will move on to page five. 


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Dropping Happiness/Health/Hunger Points on Many Accounts

Many of our members are reporting that they are having a problem with the Happiness/Health/Hunger (HHH) points on their accounts.  Over the past few days, members have logged on to Webkinz World to discover an unexplained and considerable drop in HHH points for their pets.  WI member stripey190 always keeps her pets at full 100s, so she was shocked to log on and discover that every one of her pets had the exact same stats of 88 Happiness, 96 Health, and 80 Hunger.  Similar experiences are being reported all over the site.  


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Webkinz Insider member FroggyDoodle contacted Ganz regarding this problem:


Ganz customer service just called me back and this is what I was told. The drop in health/happiness/hunger is a new feature that Ganz has implemented....WAIT before yelling!!!...I explained to the customer service rep that I find this information hard to believe. I let her know that we have 7 accounts in our family, and that only 4 of the 7 accounts have been affected by this sudden drop. She put me on hold so she could discuss this with the supervisor multiple times (not sure why she didn't just put the supervisor on the phone), at any rate, I repeatedly explained the random nature of the drop amongst accounts...I also informed her that this is not just a problem I am having, but did mention the 100's of others experiencing the same problem, and again, I explained that it is not dependent on #'s of pets on an account, how active an account is, none of that. Again, she put me on hold and basically, the outcome was that she was going to have the supervisor call me. I explained that the info and explanation that the supervisor was giving was not at all consistent with the drastic changes being seen on some accounts versus no changes being seen on other accounts. 
So, that is all I have to pass on at this time. I am supposedly going to receive a call from one of the supervisors...not sure when, but hopefully soon and if and when I do, and if and when I get any more info, I will pass it on.
Forgot to mention...the one thing she did mention is for people to hold off on spending oodles of Kinzcash, because she then said the technical staff were looking into the problem (that is like giving the run around and saying yes there is a problem without actually saying they have least in my mind) and she said that if there are that many people with the problem, they should call that number is...
Telephone: 1-866-WEBKINZ or 1-866-932-5469
When you call the message says that the # does not record voice messages...but if you just stay on the line it will roll over to a messaging be patient, listen the message and wait to be rolled over, then leave your message regarding random, drastic drops in health/hunger/happiness. Also, the message says to email don't waste your time, nothing goes through that email address and you will just receive a no-reply indicating that your message has NOT been received.

 UPDATE:  FroggyDoodle has not yet heard back from Ganz, but WI member My Escape has:


I just got a call back from the help desk, so they are getting the messages left for them when we call the number and wait for the answering machine. At first, I was told by the CS rep that everytime we log on, the points will drop 5 points each, which will force us to feed them. But then I told her that my account was fine, my kids' accounts weren't. At that point, she went into all of our accounts and saw that first-hand. And then I also asked why, if they go down when you sign on, why my kids' accounts had dropped when they hadn't signed on in two weeks. She had no idea and had to speak with a supervisor and asked to call me back.

So she called me back and told me that "it's a bug" and there will be an update in the Kinzville News regarding the subject tomorrow. I asked her if our levels would be restored and she didn't know, but said it should have that info in the Kinzville News update. So, that's all I got, but was glad to hear it was a bug and not a permanent feature. And all we can do is wait to see if there really is a News update.

It's frustrating, though, that they tell you pretty much anything when they don't really know for sure what's going on. Sure hope the supervisor got it right.


Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards Have Arrived!

We are starting to get reports from across our forum that members are finding the Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards in their local stores.  Webkinz Insider member jessicabarnhart was the first to share pictures of her prizes with us.


This series of Trading Cards has new Trading Card Furniture, a new series of Posters, new Citizens of Kinzville Furniture, and new Citizens of Kinzville Clothing.


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Jessica has this to say about the cards themselves:  "There are 11 different types of cards.  There are:  Newest Arrivals, Kinzville Characters, Get in the Game, Rarest of Rare, Pet's Favorite Food, Pet's Own Item, Favorite Pets, Stickers, Foil, Vacation Sensation, and Amazing Items.  The last two are new I think.  Obviously the Vacation Sensation is shots from Vacation [Island].  And the Amazing Items is all eStore items.  The stickers range from 3-6 on a card."  She also says, "On the back of the different cards there appears to be a story.  Each different card has a different story."  The story names are:  Fluffington's Job, The BIG News, The Newest Member, The Last Spell, The Big Job, The Big Bake Fail, A Second Chance, An Important Meeting, and Accident's Happen.


A complete Picture Gallery of the Series 4 Trading Card prizes has been assembled in this thread:

eStore Codes Being Mailed Out for Previous Purchases

We've received over 30 reports from members who have received an email from the eStore with codes provided for virtual items.  The email seems to be an acknowledgement of an order placed in the past.  Listed for each item are two codes: one which had been provided when the purchase was initially made and a new one.


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Several members were able to check their credit card activity and are happy to report that they have not been charged for these orders.  While you might find that the original code may not work and the new code may, it might be safer to hold onto those codes until you hear back from Ganz.  There is no word yet on Webkinz Newz about this issue.

Surprise Saturday, February 28th

Ganz has announced that the following items will be for sale at the Webkinz eStore ( on Saturday, February 28th:


  • Webkinz:  Grey Wolf
  • Exclusives:  Zingoz Tree, Retro Rewind Sectional, Retro Rewind Expansion Set, High End Sandwich Maker
  • Charm Codes:  Black and White Cat, Pig


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Series 4 Trading Cards Reveals Webkinz Walrus

Yesterday we reported to you that the new Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards has one category of card called "Newest Arrivals".  Today we can report to you that one of those "Newest Arrivals" is an animal that hasn't yet arrived:  a Walrus.  This is the very first time any information has been released by Ganz regarding a Walrus, so we can't yet tell you when it will be for sale.  As soon as we get a hold of any confirmed information, we will bring it to you.


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of this new card.  


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Skater Kat Skateboard Replica Coming to Webkinz eStore


Thank you to Webkinz Insider member home4bri for calling our attention to a brand new advertisement in Webkinz World.  Rumors have been swirling around the internet since Fall 2008 that Ganz was going to be releasing an eStore (non-KinzPostable) version of several retired items in Webkinz World.  We can now say for certain that, at least for one item, this is true.


The Skater Kat Skateboard was retired from Webkinz World in May 2007 when the Skater Kat Arcade game was removed.  The skateboard was the "trophy" a player would receive for completing al 16 levels of the game.  The skateboard is a vehicle that Webkinz can ride around on in their houses.


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UPDATE:  Thank you to WI member cheekiegirl for pointing out the latest news on the Webkinz Newz site:


The Skater Kat Skateboard Replica will be available next Saturday, March 7. Replica items look like items that were once available in Webkinz World — but, like all eStore items, cannot be traded, sold or sent through KinzPost. This replica will be available for one day only, this year. Be sure to visit the Webkinz eStore on March 7 if you’re interested in picking up this replica item.

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