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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Ganz Releases More Information on "Zumbuddies" ~Updated

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Last month we brought you news that Ganz was going to be releasing a line of "Zumbuddies" plushies and that those plushies would come with feature codes to use in Webkinz World.  Today, thanks to several "eagle-eyed" members who noticed an update to the Webkinz website, we can finally tell you what those feature codes are going to unlock.
Each feature code entered will put a virtual "Zum friend" on the account.  This Zum will fly, play, dance, eat, and even follow your pet into the Clubhouse.  When two Zums get together on the same account, they may even play together and share toys!  A brand new "Z Shop" is expected in Webkinz World at the end of the month so that Zum owners can buy toys and food for their Zums.
Players who keep their Zums happy will be rewarded with "Zummies" that they can trade in for Zum-themed prizes.  Zummies had previously only be available as part of the Zumwhere feature in the Magical Forest.  
Stay tuned to Webkinz Insider for more news as we learn about this exciting feature.
UPDATE:found on the log on page, when you click on the logo, it takes you HERE starts October 28th
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Ameriwade Confirms February Webkinz, Zumbuddies, Endangered, Small Signature for 2010

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Thanks to our Robert at our partner store, Ameriwade.Com, we have confirmed the expected releases into Webkinz World for February, 2010. As most of you already know, we expect the Webkinz Beaver and Webkinz Tree Kangaroo to be released in February.
We now have confirmation that the other Webkinz will be a Webkinz Old English Sheepdog. In addition, the Webkinz Signature pet will be a Signature Dutch Bunny. Finally, Zumbuddies Series 2 will also be released in February. As far as we know, Series 1 will never be released for re-order again! The Series 2 Zumbuddies will be of similar supply constraints as Series 1.
In addition, we also received information that Ganz will be introducing both an "Endangered" Signature Webkinz line and a "Small" Signature Webkinz line, most likely in March, 2010. The Small Signatures, as we understand, were created by Ganz as a response to customers who thought that the Webkinz Signature Pet line was too expensive.
Sounds like 2010 is going to be an interesting year, with Ganz shaking up its offerings!

NEW Bratty Zumwhere Furniture in Z-Shop

Thanks to the keen eyes of some of our members, Kiyoshi and Funkyc63, we have news of an update in Zumwhere. There have been 6 new items of furniture added as well as a Wallpaper and floors to update your Zum rooms. These are available in the Z-Shop when you go to visit your Zumbuddies in Zumwhere. In order to go and play in Zumwhere you have to activate the code for Zumbuddy pals. These are available at our Webkinz Insider Partner Store, Ameriwade.
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Ganz Addresses New Zumbuddy & Signature Deer Issues

webkinz cheatsIf you've been having problems adding one of the new July Zumbuddies to your account, you're not alone.  Over the past couple days, we have been getting scattered reports of players getting stuck on the "Loading Pallete" when they try to access the Zumbuddy screen.  We've been tracking this problem in our Glitch Section, HERE.
Ganz made the following announcement @webkinz today:  We've found issues with the latest set of Zum Buddies...We'll be fixing these today.
Ganz has also announced that they will be correcting the online Signature Deer picture.  If you've adopted a new Signature Deer on your account, you've been seeing a picture of the regular Deer instead of the Signature Deer.  This image problem should be corrected soon.

Ganz Announces Zum Writing Contest

webkinz cheatsThe next Webkinz Newz contest is scheduled to start on Saturday, September 11th.  For this contest, Ganz wants to hear in 1000 characters or less "what makes you the best babysitter."  Five lucky winners will each receive a "Zike" Zumbuddy.  
See the Webkinz Newz contest page for complete details.

New Code-Only "Sweet Zums" Coming Soon to eStore

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Ganz has announced that they will be adding a line of code-only "Sweet Zums" to the Ganz eStore.  Zike, Zilma, Zorbo, and Zofina are coming to Webkinz World.  It appears that some new items and games will also be arriving soon.  There haven't been any changes yet, but we'll be keeping an eye on things.

Webkinz Newz Zum contest this weekend!

Webkinz Newz is letting us know about another new Zum contest! Watch this weekend for a Sweet zum to appear on the Webkinz Newz site for a chance to win either a Sweet Zumbuddy bomber jacket or possibly a rare Zorbo zum! Good luck zum catchers!!
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New Zum Furniture added to Z-Shop

Zumbuddy owners be sure to check out the Z-Shop this morning. They have added 5 new items to make your Zumbuddies more comfortable. New Tricky Zum items have been added to the categories for you to decorate your Zum rooms with.
A Tricky Zum Lounger, Sofa, Tea Table, Candelier and Waterfall.
Everyone will be happy to know that the Waterfall is animated.
For more information on Zumbuddies, please check out our WIki.
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Find Zofia Sweet Zum today and tomorrow

WKN (Originally called Webkinz Newz) has announced a Zum Search game scheduled to begin 9am, today (October 21st) and finishing at 9am EST, tomorrow (October 22nd). The task is to find one of the New Sweet Zumz, Zofia, flying on the WKN screen for a chance to win either a Sweet Zum Winged T-shirt or Zofia Zum, herself.
For more information onZum Buddies and Zum Prizes, check out our WIki and good luck finding her.

New Prizes in Z-Shop

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New Prizes are available in the Webkinz World Z-Shop this morning!
  • Cloudy Bathtub
  • Zummies Ball Pit
  • Framed Field Sketch
  • Zumwhere Sign Post
For more infromation Zumbuddies and their items, please check out our WIki.

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