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Kinzville Academy

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

WI Members Develop Theory on Kinzville Academy Fashion Class Glitch

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For several months now, we have been getting reports from our members of a glitch with the Kinzville Academy Fashion class.  Specifically, at the higher levels (8, 9, 10), sometimes the model never comes out, forcing the player to "x" out of the game and fail the class.  Many members have had to resort to using the "tutor" option to get up to Level 10, and then just trying their luck for Level 10 itself.
Thank you to SnowCrystal, vcs28, and all of the other WI members who posted in likmfurry's thread,  Fashion Class Froze Up On Me Again Today, we may have a theory as to what is causing the problem.  Although we can't say for certain, it looks like the "Pink Hearts Bow" may have something to do with the class locking up.  Although everyone seems to remember having this particular bow as clothing option in their classes, no one ever remembers seeing it appear on a model.  Could it be that this is the fashion accessory that turns the models invisible?
At this point we can't confirm what is causing the glitch, or when Ganz might have fix for it.  We can just hope that the programmers are hard at work on the problem and that they will have it corrected soon.

New Feature Coming Soon to KinzVille Academy

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For several weeks now there have been rumors going around the internet that Ganz was planning on adding a new "recess" feature to the Kinzville Academy.  Based on this picture released by Ganz of a Hopscotch board and a playground Merry Go Round, it looks like this rumor may be true.  As soon as more information becomes available, we will be certain to let you know.

Recess Comes to The Kinzville Academy

Maintenance last night gave us a new feature at the Kinzville Academy that members have been speculating about; Recess. Head to the Academy and one can see the recess button on the lower left hand corner. When you click on it, the bell rings, which means time for recess. The playground offers up many choices: sandbox, hopscotch, basketball court and a Merry-Go-Round. Looks like Recess will be available after 15 full days of classes (at least 3 attempted classes a day by any pet).
In celebration of Recess, they are giving everyone a chance to try it.
Here are the prizes that can be won at recess.  All items can be sent via KinzPost except the unopened Lunch Bag.  School-related wShop items are also being awarded as prizes.  They have not been included in this list.
Game Prizes
Ms. Cowoline Plush
Academy School Binder
PE Uniform Shirt
PE Uniform Shorts
PE Uniform Shoes
Academy Banner

Recess Lunch Bag 
Loose Leaf Sandwich
Prepperoni Pizza
White Chocolate Milk
A+ Soda
Mathmatics Soup
Academy Cookies
Goo-Goo Berry Pie
Goo-Goo Berry Juice Box
Gummy Erasers

Freshman and Sophomore "MyPage" Badges Explained

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When Ganz added Badges to the MyPage feature in Webkinz World, there was some question as to what it took to earn the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Academy Badges.  Some members who have pets at the rank of "Freshman" haven't been awarded any Academy Badges and some other members who have the rank of "Freshman" have been awarded both Freshman and Sophomore Badges.  Thank you to WI member RedBear, we may finally have an understanding as to why.
RedBear has been sending several of her pets through the Academy on separate accounts, and she has discovered that the Freshman Badge is awarded when one pet on the account completes Level 1 of any class.  She has also found that the Sophomore Badge is awarded when one pet on the account completes Level 2 of any class.  The Sophomore Badge can be awarded even though the Academy Report Card still shows the pet as a Freshman.
We are still not clear on why the Badges and the Report Card ranks don't match up.

New "Teacher's Pet" Badge Discovered by WI Member

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After she passed her Cooking Class for the day in the Kinzville Academy, Webkinz Insider member sandilight had a surprise pop up on her screen.  She was awarded a "Teacher's Pet" Badge for her MyPage.  At this point, we're not exactly sure what she did to trigger the badge being awarded.  We'll be keeping an eye out for information as, hopefully, more badges are awarded to our members.

Saturday is Super School Day at the Academy *UPDATE*

Members logging onto their Asian accounts are noticing a new event for tomorrow, Saturday, April 3rd -- Super School Day at the Academy! It appears that Ms Cowoline has decorated her office for this special day.
Extra Credit at Kinzville Academy
Members are not noticing anything different after doing their classes at this point. If that changes, we will be sure to let you know. So make sure you get your classes in!
UPDATE:  Thank you to all of you who let us know that there IS something different about the academy for "Super School Day".  It appears that every class taken on Saturday actually counts as TWO classes.  It's like getting an extra day for free!  There isn't any notification of the extra credit, you have to look at the totals on your report card to see the difference.

Ganz Tweets About Soccer Challenge, Woolly Mammoth, and Super School Days

webkinz cheatsEarlier today Ganz posted the following statements on Webkinz World's Twitter account:
  • "The Soccer Challenge will be a daily event until the end of the World Cup. Then it will go into our pool of Daily Activities to use."
  • "The [Woolly] Mammoth issue has now been resolved. Note that the eStore Mammoth will now be known as the "Prehistoric Mammoth"."
  • "The next Super School day is June 30th."
The World Cup Soccer event only happens once every four years.  Now we know that we won't have to wait that long for the Soccer Challenge to return.  Many players had been wondering what was going to happen to the eStore Mammoth with the scheduled release of a plushie Mammoth in August.  It now appears that they will be two separate pets.  And, it has been a while since we had a "Super School Day" at the Kinzville Academy, during which players could get "extra credit" for classes taken.  To get the best deal for your tuition dollars, make sure to take your pets to the Academy on June 30th.

It's "Super School Day" at the KinzVille Academy!

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It's Super School Day over at the KinzVille Academy.  If one or more of your pets is working toward their Diploma, or toward some super cool prizes, head on over and take some classes.  Each class you pass today will count twice!  This helps you save a little bit of tuition and a little bit of time.
  • To learn more about taking classes at the KinzVille Academy, please click HERE.
  • To learn more about the prizes you can receive at the Academy, please click HERE.

New Lunch Bag Food for Recess at Kinzville Academy

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In the What's New part of the Kinzville Times, you will see an announcment about how busy the cooks at the Kinzville Academy have been. It seems that the bag lunches were getting a might bland so they have added new items to the menu. Be prepared to be wowed by the new items that include such tasty treats as: Jumbleberry Juice Box, H2O to Go, Chocolate Chalk, Hopscotch Gummies, Silver Scholar Pancakes, and Cream of Ivy Leek Soup.
The bag lunches are a treat that you get once you have been at recess. Recess is a reward of 4 games to play for completing 15 full days of subjects at the Kinzville Academy.  To find out more about the Kinzville Academy recess, subjects and prizes, check out our WIki

Recess Counter Added to Kinzville Academy

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What pet doesn't love recess? Before today, pets would be surprised by the recess bell knowing that they fulfilled the required amount of days to go to recess. Now our pets can see how many days of school they have until they can go outside and play hopscotch or dig in the sandbox looking for treasure, amongst other things. Head on over to the Kinzville Academy and help that counter go down!
Also note that it appears that all classes are free today! So head on over there and enjoy the free day!  Also, the "tutor" option appears to have been removed from the Academy.  We don't yet know if this is a permanent change, or if this is for some sort of special event.  Ganz has not yet made any sort of official announcement to let us know what is going on.
UPDATE (October 20):  Ganz has confirmed that these changes are permanent.

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