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Holiday News

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Celebrating Spring in Webkinz World

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It's time to Celebrate Spring in Webkinz World.  As many of you have noticed, today's Daily Activities started bright and early at 9am KT this morning instead of at the usual 4pm for weekdays.  It looks like we will have a week of all-day activities leading up to Easter on Sunday, April 12th.
Last year, Ganz ran a "Spring Fest" on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Easter weekend.  During last year's event, colored Easter eggs floated randomly by in Webkinz World and players who clicked on a egg won some Chocolate Eggs to feed to their Webkinz.  Could Ganz be planning on running a similar event this year?
And, of course, on Sunday, don't forget to visit Webkinz World to receive your special Spring-themed gift.  Last year's gift contained Chocolate Eggs, Spring Celebration Shoes, and a wShop Tulip Planter.

Spring Celebration Arrives in Webkinz World!

The Spring Celebration has arrived in Webkinz World! Last year, the Spring Celebration ran from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, but it appears that this year's Spring Celebration will only be for Sunday!
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Our members with Asian accounts have confirmed that the Spring Gifts and Floating Eggs appeared right as the clock rolled over to Sunday morning.
This year's Spring Gift contains an Easter Egg Area Rug, Chocolate Easter Eggs and Springtime Jellybeans.
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Webkinz World's Fourth Anniversary Nearly Here

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The celebration of Webkinz World's fourth anniversary is just around the corner.  Be sure to log on to Webkinz world on April 29th to receive your virtual gift.  Giftboxes from previous years have contained a piece of cake, a trophy, and a framed print, all of which have become instant collectors' items.
Also, the celebration will contine at Webkinz retailers on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Check with your local store to see what events they may have planned.  Many locations will be offering special deals on Webkinz and will be offering special promitional items.

Turkey, Peppermint Puppy, Lava Dragon Confirmed for 2009 Seasonal Webkinz!

We have just confirmed Ganz's selection for the Halloween/Fall and Christmas/Winter seasonal Webkinz plush releases for 2009!
For Fall and Halloween, the Webkinz Bat and Webkinz Black Cat will make another return, but there are two brand-new pets for this year -- the Webkinz Turkey and the Webkinz Lava Dragon! Both should be available in stores in September.
Webkinz TurkeyWebkinz Lava Dragon
For Winter and Christmas, the Webkinz Reindeer and Webkinz Snowman will return again, but we'll see a new Webkinz Peppermint Puppy and a Reindeer Kinz Klip available in stores in October!
Webkinz Peppermint PuppyReindeer Kinz Klip
Unfortunately, we don't have any virtual images at this time and we aren't sure what the PSIs or PSFs are. Maybe a "Lava Dragon" will bring the first PSI Lava Lamp to Webkinz World?

Summer Sensation Coming to Webkinz World June 28th!

Thanks to rickekinz from our Webkinz Insider Forum for the following screenshot from her Asian account.
Webkinz Summer Sensation
It appears that Ganz is celebrating this summer with a "Summer Sensation" on June 28th! Make sure to log in on June 28th and claim your Summer Sensation exclusive gift and to claim your spin on the Super Wheel! We're not sure yet if the Super Wheel will offer the same prizes as last time, but cross your fingers for new items!

Lava Dragon & Turkey to go on Presale at NOON ET on Ameriwade

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It may still be Summer in Webkinz World, but the pre-sale season for the new Fall Webkinz has just arrived.  Our friends at Ameriwade have announced that both the Lava Dragon and the Turkey will be available for pre-sale on their site,, starting at Noon, Eastern Time, on Monday, August 3rd. 
In addition to having some of the lowest Webkinz prices on the internet, Ameriwade features $5 flat rate shipping.  Also, a portion of every sale made online at goes to support Webkinz Insider.

Ganz Releases Information on 2010's "Valentine Collection"

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Ganz has officially announced which Webkinz products will be released for the Valentine 2010 season.  Some new products are being added to the collection and some old products are returning for another year.
  • For the first time ever, a Love Lion is going to be for sale.
  • The Love Frog is returning, but this time it is being sold with a brand new Love Frog Kinz Klip.  It appears that these two items will only be available as a package deal.
  • The Love Monkey is also returning for another year.
  • And, the Valentine T-Shirt from the Kinz Clothes Collection will be back.
The new Valentine products should start appearing at Webkinz retailers in January 2010.

Halloween Sneak Peek

This morning, during a mini-update to clear up the Curio shop for Deluxe, it seems that some people caught a glimpse and were able to purchase ONE of the items that will be for sale during the Halloween season. It was in the American Curio Shop from 9 AM til 10 AM. The Halloween Chilling Lanterns Lamp. This was one of the items from last year's Halloween theme and Arte had it on for 1050 KC.
A note of interest, Arte has a disclaimer on the item as being available only until the 28th of October.  At this point we don't know if that October 28th note was left over from last year, or a reference to this year.  Keep your eyes open for MORE great deals like this. Thank you Blessedx5 for this picture from her account.

New eStore Costumes - Hotdog Costume + Pirate Princess!

It is Webkinz Wednesday at the eStore. That means the Hallowe'en costumes we have been waiting for are available for purchase. They were slated to be released today and are currently available.
A few of our members have been lucky enough to pick them up. The Mermaid costume was made available on Sunday already, but today's costumes are the Pirate Princess for 7500 eStore points and the Hot Dog costume for 7000 eStore points.
Here are pictures of the costumes from Bindidog's member account.
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Webkinz Insider Members Solve Trick or Treat Ghost Pattern!

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Thanks to the Webkinz Insider members who have been working hard to track Ghost sightings in our Ghostbuster thread we can now tell you how to predict where the Ghost will appear on your personal account!

Once you see the Ghost once on your account, you should be able to figure out where he will be on that account for the rest of the week. When you see him the first time, make note of what color you were in and the exact time you saw him. When you return in three hours to try to find him again make sure you pick the same color. The Ghost will appear in 20 minute intervals in certain rooms.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :08 after the hour, 
he'll show up at :08, :28, & :48.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :12 after the hour, 
he'll show up at :12, :32, & :52.
UPATE:  The timing has changed.  The Ghost is now appearing at :08, :23, :38, & :53.  If you just stay in the same room in the same color, you should have two chances an hour of finding the Ghost.

Now, figuring out what room he will be in is a little bit trickier, but as long as you stay in the same color zone, there is a pattern to follow that should have you getting candy in no time.

Party Room to Girls Rule Room to Garden Yard to Party Room, etc.
Games Room to Sports Room to Bowling Alley to Games Room, etc.
Go Fish Room, to Exercise Room to Trading Room to Go Fish Room, etc.
Collector Room to Reading Room to Super Chef Room to Collector Room, etc.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :08 in the Collector Room, he is on this pattern:
:08 Collector Room to :28 Reading Room to :48 Super Chef Room to :08 Collector Room, etc.

If the Ghost showed up on your account at :12 in the Party Room, he is on this pattern:
:12 Party Room to :32 Girls Rule Room to :52 Garden Yard to :12 Party Room, etc.

Once you figure out what pattern your account is on, write it down so you won't forget!
Unfortunately, just like with Doug the Dog, the sometimes the Ghost doesn't show up in every room number of the type of room he's supposed to be in. This is the way it has been designed, each room instance has its own odds of having the ghost appear. To find the Ghost, you just have to be patient and keep trying.  

Each server is on a different pattern and many people have been trying to figure out what server they are on to try to figure out the pattern. If you know your server, you can match up your pattern with other members who are on the same server, but this information is NOT necessary. As long as you spot him once on your account, you have all of the information you need to predict where he will be.
It is worth noting that once you get candy from the Ghost your internet browser will lock up and you will get kicked out of Webkinz World.  Some members have reported being able to say logged in if they quickly switch rooms after getting candy.  Either way, you get to keep your candy.

A special thank you goes out to to webkinzaddict and maypal for sorting out the pattern, to crnovakjagular, and adrkmfdm for fine-tuning the details, and to webfamily for helping so many members figure out how the pattern applies to their accounts!
UPDATE: Ganz has also let us know that they've squashed the "freezing" / "locking" bug!!!

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