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Webkinz Newz

Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

Ganz Announces the Rainforest Boa Contest

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Wish you could own the Rainforest Boa? Here's your chance to win one. Ganz announced this week's design contest. It has to be a small room with at least one lamp and one red item. (Only W shop Items please). This Contest is from September 26th through September 27th. For more info on this latest contest and your chance to win the Rainforest Boa, click HERE

Sabertooth Tigers Winners Announced in Ganz Contest

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The five winners were announced in the Design a Dorm Room Contest. Say congrats to  Amy, Amy, Ashley, Leanna and Peggy. They each won the Sabertooth Tiger. To see their entries, click HERE

Autumn Arrival Contest Winners Announced

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Ganz has announced the winners to this contest. Congrats go to Alyssa, Janie, JosefTayler and Tracy on the Autumn Arrival Contest. The contest was to write a silly explanation as to why the leaves change colors. These five lucky winners won the Autumn Prize Pack, which was every Fall Festival prize ever seen in Webkinz World. To view their entires, click HERE

Ganz introduces new plush Zum Buddies!

Ganz has introduced a new line of plush called Zum Buddies. These new pets give your pet a virtual Zum Pal and unlock special surprises in Zum world. Thank you to Zameron for posting this news. Also, at this time I would like to announce that Our Partner will start Pre-Selling November Webkinz on Monday Sept 28 starting at Noon Eastern Time.
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Webkinz Strawberry Cloud Leopard to be released as a plush!

The Webkinz News site has announced the Strawberry Cloud Leopard from the the Leopard Pet of the Month Music Video is to be released as a plush! We have no news as to the PSI or release date, but we are sure that our members will be extremely happy that this is not an eStore-only release! We will be updating as news becomes available.
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Webkinz Halloween Zombie Costume Preview!

As promised, Webkinz News has revealed the next costume for Halloween which will be available in the Kinzstyle Outlet. This one is a Zombie. It comes in two separate pieces, the clothes and the Face Paint. Webkinz News has also promised that there will be one more costume surprise coming later this week. So keep your eyes open.

It's Halloween in Webkinz World, New Vampire Costume!

Maintenance is over and has brought a few surprises to Webkinz World!
The Halloween 2009 items are here! Making a reappearance from 2007 is the Haunted Organ, which is not interactive, but very cool, costing 1500 KC! The 3 new costumes can be found in The KinzStyle Outlet and the newest unannounced costume is the Vampire Costume. All Items for the Halloween theme and costumes will only be available until the 1st of November.
We fully expect that there will be a "second set" of Halloween items to be released later in October.

Webkinz Newz Contest - "Ask the Director" - Director's Chair Trophy Prize!!

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The newest contest just launched on Webkinz Newz is an "Ask the Director" contest, where the Creative Director of Webkinz World is taking questions for an interview from Webkinz World users. Make sure to enter by going to the Contest page on WebkinzNewz, as 10 users will receive a prize pack containing the very, very rare Director's Chair Trophy!

Ganz Announces a Trick or Treat Troll Contest

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In this week's contest, Ganz announced the Trick or Treat Troll Contest. Here is your chance to win the Trick or Treat Troll. They are looking for kooky, crazy candy designs that a Trick or Treat Troll will eat. Five winners will be chosen. Contest runs from October 17th - October 18th. For official rules click HERE

Ganz Announces Halloween Contest

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Once upon a time, there were some webbies that didn't have a costume to wear for Halloween. Have no fear because  Ganz announced their latest  contest and the Halloween Prize Pack includes: A Creature Closet, a Hotdog Costume and a Mermaid Costume! The contest this time is write a scary story in a thousand characters or less. Five lucky winners will be chosen. The contest runs from October 24th to October 25th. To find out more about this contest, click HERE

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