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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

WI Member Adopts Domino Cat, Spotty Dinosaur, Robin

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC on her adoption of the new March 2009 Webkinz.  Below you can see pictures of "Dominik" the Webkinz Domino Cat, "Yoshino" the Webkinz Spotty Dinosaur, and "Tuktuk" the Lil Kinz Robin.  The Pet Specific Item and the Pet Special food for these new pets are:  Domino Cat, Domino Effect Area Rug & Delectable Domino Cookies; Spotty Dinosaur, Spotted Prehistoric Plant (animated to open and close) & Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie; Robin, Bobbin' Robin Jukebox (plays music) & Instant Insect Rice.


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Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards Have Arrived!

We are starting to get reports from across our forum that members are finding the Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards in their local stores.  Webkinz Insider member jessicabarnhart was the first to share pictures of her prizes with us.


This series of Trading Cards has new Trading Card Furniture, a new series of Posters, new Citizens of Kinzville Furniture, and new Citizens of Kinzville Clothing.


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Jessica has this to say about the cards themselves:  "There are 11 different types of cards.  There are:  Newest Arrivals, Kinzville Characters, Get in the Game, Rarest of Rare, Pet's Favorite Food, Pet's Own Item, Favorite Pets, Stickers, Foil, Vacation Sensation, and Amazing Items.  The last two are new I think.  Obviously the Vacation Sensation is shots from Vacation [Island].  And the Amazing Items is all eStore items.  The stickers range from 3-6 on a card."  She also says, "On the back of the different cards there appears to be a story.  Each different card has a different story."  The story names are:  Fluffington's Job, The BIG News, The Newest Member, The Last Spell, The Big Job, The Big Bake Fail, A Second Chance, An Important Meeting, and Accident's Happen.


A complete Picture Gallery of the Series 4 Trading Card prizes has been assembled in this thread:

Series 4 Trading Cards Reveals Webkinz Walrus

Yesterday we reported to you that the new Series 4 Webkinz Trading Cards has one category of card called "Newest Arrivals".  Today we can report to you that one of those "Newest Arrivals" is an animal that hasn't yet arrived:  a Walrus.  This is the very first time any information has been released by Ganz regarding a Walrus, so we can't yet tell you when it will be for sale.  As soon as we get a hold of any confirmed information, we will bring it to you.


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of this new card.  


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Snow Melts in Webkinz World

Thank you to all of our members with Webkinz World accounts set to the Asian time zone we can now report to you that the snow has melted in Webkinz World.  Once again our Webkinz can enjoy the green grass in their yards.  Members with European and American accounts should notice the same change in their yards at Midnight Kinz Time.


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Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Mystical Panda!

Users have reported finding the Series 4 Trading Cards in various places in the US and Canada. We've just received word that one of the members of our Webkinz Forum, ar1nb, is the first WI member to find and activate the Mystical Panda!


For those that aren't aware, the Mystical Panda is a "Series 4 Trading Card Only" pet that has odds of 1 in 360 packs! The Mystical Panda, along with the Magical Retriever from Series 3, are some of the rarest Webkinz in Webkinz World!


Here's some pictures that ar1nb provided to us for everyone to enjoy.  The Mystical Panda comes with the Sun's Embrace Bed and the PSF is Star Shimmer Sippers.  Congratulations to ar1nb on such a lucky find, as they only purchased 6 packs of cards!


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Possible New Signature Pet Discovered in Advertisement

A new set of advertisements has started running on the Webkinz Newz site for Ganz' new line of "Webkinz Signature" pets.  One of the new ads seems to show a Chimpanzee peeking out from a curtain.  Ganz has confirmed that the first pet in the new series will be the Signature Panda.  Could a "Signature Chimpanzee" be the next pet?  We'll just have to wait and see.


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Possible New Webkinz Discovered on Trading Card -- Blue Googles!

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member dana0921 for sharing this picture with us.  It's from the back of a Series 4 Trading Card.  Could this be a previously unannounced Blue Googles?  At this point we just don't know.  Unlike the card with the Walrus we showed you a few days ago, this card does not have any description.


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Ganz Announces Best Dressed Pet Contest Winners

The winners of the Best Dressed Pet contest have been announced.  Congratulations to Carmel, Angie, carrie, raeven, and adam michael.  Ganz has e-mailed each one of these players a code for a Webkinz Phoenix.


NOTE:  In response to all of the questions we have been getting about the Fire Fawn's outfit, the Orange Army Shirt and the Red Sports Pants used to be wShop items.  They were retired from the wShop back in August of 2007.  The Orange Army Shirt isn't available in Webkinz World anymore.  The Red Sports Pants are now a KinzStyle item that you can get with the code that comes with the Red Sports Pants for your plushie.  The Pants cannot be purchased in the online KinzStyle Shop.


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New Medicine Discovered in Dr. Quack's Office

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member webkinzgaia for sharing this picture with us of her latest visit to Dr. Quack's office.  Today when her Love Monkey Amore got sick, instead of prescribing a $25 KC bottle of medicine, Dr. Quack prescribed a $50 KC pair of tablets.  Reports are that the new tablets have worked, and that Amore is feeling just fine.


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Possible New Medieval Items Discovered on Webkinz Newz

While browsing through the pictures on the Webkinz Newz ( site today, Webkinz Insider members mills96er and ClaraZ25 made some interesting discoveries.  In the preview for the rare Royal Estate Bed, mills96er spotted a unicorn shield, a lion shield, and a bear tapestry.  In the preview for the Medieval Stone Column, ClaraZ25 spotted a pig shield, a bear shield, and a pig tapestry.  Could these new items be coming to Webkinz World in the future?


NOTE:  In response to the comments we have been getting.  The Medieval Unicorn Tapestry (not the shield pictured) was a prize in a Kinzville Newz contest last year.  The Medieval Lion Tapestry (also not pictured) is a Rare item. 


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