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Pictures of all the new Webkinz, future Webkinz and upcoming Webkinz for 2010 and 2011 on Webkinz Insider. These are all confirmed new Webkinz that will be available in Webkinz World in the near future.

New Easter Egg Hunt Click-To-Win on Ganz Parent Club! *UPDATE*

If you think these Baby Romper onesies are adorable, here's how you can get them. They are some of the prizes that can be won on a new click-to-win event on the Ganz Parent Club. These new outfits are called Pink Baby Romper clothing and Blue Baby Romper clothing.
Just find the ad shown above on a page of the Ganz Parent Club, click on it, fill out the required fields, and a random prize will be added to your Webkinz World account. One prize per account per day. This contest began on April 3 and will run until April 11 2012.
The other prizes available are the 19 items from the W Shop Nursery Theme. You can see these items in our WIKI by clicking HERE. Ganz tells us that the odds of winning any item are equal; therefore your chance of getting a Baby Romper is approximately 1 in 10.
Good luck and happy clicking!
UPDATE:  I'm sorry to see that the Parent Club have now edited their announcement to say: "Some prizes are more rare than others."  

Schnauzer Treasure Hunt added to Webkinz Newz

A new treasure hunt has been added to Webkinz Newz. Be sure to stop by and play the Schnauzer Treasure Hunt. The prize for this Treasure Hunt is a Schnauzer Album Cover. Go to Webkinz Newz and find the Treasure Hunt page under the contest captions. Click on Schnauzer Treasure Hunt to start. Simply follow the clues around Webkinz Newz. Each clue will lead you to a different part of Webkinz Newz. A Treasure Hunt Banner will appear to reveal your next clue. Once you have found all of the clues you will find your treasure!
The Schnauzer Treasure Hunt starts on April 3rd, 2012 at 4:00 PM EST and runs until May 2nd, 2012 at 11:59 PM. Prizes will be added directly to your Webkinz World account. One prize per Webkinz World Account!

WKN Releases Virtual Sneak Peek of the Mallard Duck

In March, Webkinz Insider brought you the news of the new Mallard Duck Plush to be released in May. WKN has now offered us a sneak peek at the virtual image of the new pet along with its PSF and PSI. The Mallard Duck arrives with its own Playful Pond as its Pet Specific Item, while its Pet Specific Food is a yummy and nutritious looking Wild Granola Bar.

If the Mallard Duck or any other Webkinz plush is your heart's desire, consider an online visit to, retail partner of Webkinz Insider. Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credit card until your order ships. A portion of every sale that is made online at helps support Webkinz Insider.

WKN Releases a Virtual Sneak Peek at the Pink Dalmatian!

Last month, we brought you the news of the Pink Dalmatian plush, one of the lineup of pets for the month of May. Webkinz Newz has now released a sneak peek at the virtual image of the new pet along with its PSF and PSI. The Pink Dalmatian will never be left in the dark as it comes with its own Sapphire Lamp Post!  Watch your candy stash though, because this cutie may have a sweet tooth! The Pet Specific Food for the Pink Dalmatian is the Cream Soda Slushy.

If the Pink Dalmatian or any other Webkinz plush is on your wishlist, consider an online visit to, retail partner of Webkinz Insider. Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping and no charge is made to your credit card until your order ships. A portion of every sale that is made online at helps support Webkinz Insider.

Super School Day on Tuesday, April 10th, at Kinzville Academy!

Brrrrr-ing! That's the sound of the school bell and Ms. Cowoline is calling all pets to Super School Day at Kinzville Academy on Tuesday, April 10th! When Webkinz Insider members take their kinz to school on this special day, they will receive double credit for every class that they successfully complete!

Does your pet like working out, improving their Strength or Running? Maybe they are more interested in Style or Cooking! No matter what their scholastic pursuits, there is something to suit the interests of everyone at Kinzville Academy. Whether your pets complete classes in the Basic or Talent sections on Super School Day, they will receive twice the credit for each class. No doubt about it, Tuesday is a perfect day to take your pet and sign up for classes at Kinzville Academy!

So head on over to the Academy on Tuesday with your pet. You will be glad you did!

Ganz Posts Two Images - Reveals Possible New Pets.

This weekend, Ganz posted two images revealing two upcoming pets. A purple Owl, along with a blue and yellow winged dog. This preview is limited, but what the images did reveal are pet adoption box and virtual image. 
So far, there has been no further information about when these pets will be available. This includes their pet specific items and food, official pet names, or if they are upcoming plush or eStore pets.  Stay tuned to for more information as it becomes available!

Webkinz Newz Announces Winter Clothing Retirement * Update*

Webkinz Newz has given us a heads up that Wednesday, April 11th will be the last opportunity for Webkinz World account holders to purchase last seasons winter clothing. Webkinz Insider members, if you have not yet picked up these cozy  winter items then you need to hurry on over to the Kinzstyle Outlet before your favourites disappear.
The items that are being retired on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 are the Lace Up Boots, Rhinestone Buckle Boots, Shiny Pink Sweater, Tunic Tutu, Checkered Fleece Jacket, Pink Beanie Cap, Puffy Crested Jacket, Argyle Sweater, High Top Sneakers, Cozy Sweater and Scarf, Embellished Foldover Boots, Stay Warm Sweater, Sequin Hemmed Jeans, Lime Bubble Coat, Blue Earmuffs, Polar Fleece Coat, Mock Neck Sweater, Flannel Cuff Khakis and the Fuzzy Winter Hat.
Update: The new retirement date is April 25th.

Second Half of Creative Studio Theme Coming to Webkinz World on Wednesday April 11!

On March 28 2012, the first half of a new Room Theme was released in Webkinz World, by the name of Creative Studio Theme. Now Webkinz Newz is announcing that the second half of the theme will be released on Wednesday, April 11.
All these items will be available in the W Shop. The new items, seen above, are named the Potter Kiln Oven, Potter's Wheel, Ice Sculpture Fridge, Art Station, Art Painting Wall Art, Art Easel, Beanstalk Art Poster, Music Guitar Table, Theatre Bed, Music Note Wall Art and Music Note Chair.
You can see more room themes in our WIKI HERE.

WKN Releases Sneak Peeks At Two Virtual Only Pets!

It looks like Kinzville is going to the birds and definitely in a very fun way! WKN has just released sneak peeks at two fine feathered friends expected to land soon in Webkinz World!

The pretty blue Airborne Puppy will be flying in with its own Cloud Control Station to ensure perfect flight conditions, and will be able to feast on its Winged Wet Food when grounded.

The mysterious Apprentice Owl will be able to enjoy some downtime on its Pet Specific Item, the Spellbook Perch, while it satisfies its appetite with its intriguing Pet Specific Food, Magic Potion Punch!
Both of these new pets, shown currently on WKN, are set to be released as virtual only. It is not yet known how Webkinz Insider members will be able to obtain the appealing Airborne Puppy and Apprentice Owl. We will keep you informed as more info becomes available.

Ganz Releases New iOS App - Cloud Corral

 Ganz has released a brand new game for iOS devices. The "Cloud Corral" application can be found on the iTunes application store, and will run on most iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.  The first five levels of this game are free, but if you upgrade to the full version you can unlock and play 25 levels!
Like the other iOS Apps released by Ganz, the full version of this game features a mobile banking system. You can earn Kinz cash while on the go, and later sync it to your Webkinz account to decorate some fabulous rooms!

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