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BREAKING NEWS: Curio Shop "Closed" due to Glitch

As you may have noticed, the Curio Shop is "closed" today due to a system glitch.  Yesterday at roughly 1am Asian KinzTime (11am EST) members on Asian accounts started getting kicked out of Webkinz World when they tried to enter the Curio Shop.  At 1am European KinzTime, members with European accounts discovered the same thing.  And, just a few moments ago, at 1am American KinzTime members with American accounts started getting the same message.

At this point, we are not certain why Arte has decided to close up shop, or when he plans on opening it again.  From 12am KT to 1am KT he indicated that he was not going to have any rare items for sale today.  However, we know from past experience that system glitches like this have a way of changing his mind.  For the most up-to-date Curio Shop information, please come inside our forum:

UPDATE (Saturday, 10am EST):
  Moments ago, at 12:01am Asian KinzTime, the Curio Shop opened back up on the Asian accounts.  Arte says no rares for Sunday.  Both the European and the American Curio Shops are still closed.  There is no word on whether they will open up at all for Saturday or if members with those accounts will have to wait until Midnight to get into the shop too.

UPDATE (Saturday, 10:30am EST):  Artie has decided to open his shop after all.  Just a few minutes ago the Curio Shop opened up on the European and American accounts.  To the surprise of those with European accounts, there was a rare in the shop:  the Super Secure Trapdoor Toy Box.  American accounts should have the same rare item at 3pm KinzTime.  Also, Arte changed his mind and decided to have a rare on Sunday after all.  Sunday's rare will be available for sale at 8pm KinzTime.

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