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BREAKING NEWS: Level 10 Academy Cooking Course Prize Revealed

The Level 10 Academy Cooking Course Prize has been officially revealed in the Webkinz News.  As we all suspected, it's an Arcade game called "Griddling Gourmet" in which your pet can continue flipping pancakes just like in the Academy course.  According to the article, "you can earn back the money you spent on your training".  Completing the Cooking Course takes a minimum time investment of 275 days and a minimum financial investment of $13,700 KC.

There is some question about what Ganz means when they say that this is the prize for "when your first pet finishes" the Cooking course.  Does this mean there are additional prizes for second or third pets?  The Academy instructions are not clear on this point leading many to wonder if there is any benefit to sending additional pets through the course.  We already know from members who have sent more than one pet up to Level 5 of the Cooking Course that the Level 5 prize (Cooking Class Griddle) is only one per account, and that sending additional pets through does not get an additional Griddle.
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