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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Designs Contest Winning Room, Doesn't Win Prize

Congratulations to Webkinz Insider member Newsboys on desiging one of the winning entries for the Kinzville News Floral Room Contest.  Unfortunately, it appears that a picture of Newsboys' entry was stolen by someone named "Ron" and that Ganz has credited that person with the win. 

Back on January 2nd, Newsboys created a thread inviting members to share the entries they were going to submit for the contest.  In that thread, which can be seen here, she posted her entry:  As you can see by comparing Newsboys' picture, and the one in the Kinzville News, the thief didn't even bother to copy the layout of the room, but instead just stole the picture itself.

As you may remember, the same thing happened with the Kinzville News Fall Room Design Contest.  Someone named "Michelle" took a picture of one of the rooms of WI member Grandmai and submitted it as her own.  In that case Ganz quickly resolved the matter by editing the Kinzville News Story to reflect that Grandmai was the winner and by sending her a Room Design Trophy.  You can read more about that here: 

Hopefully Ganz will be just as quick in correcting things this time. 

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