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BREAKING NEWS: Bamboo Break Game, One Trophy Per Account

Since the debut of the Bamboo Break game earlier this month, Webkinz Insider Member twinmom1998 has been tracking data from game players to try to determine how the number of chips collected in the game affects the odds of a trophy being awarded.  What she discovered instead was that not a single member who has already won a trophy has been awarded a second trophy, no matter how many times they've won the game.  Since the trophies for this game are awarded randomly, it is impossible to be certain that it is "one per account", but given the amount of data collected, it seems very likely.

As with the Treasures of the Crystal Sea game, we are not certain if this is a glitch in the system or if this is the way Ganz intends the programming to be.  As things are now, once you win a Bamboo Break trophy once, there is no reason to continue playing.  That is, of course, unless you really enjoy the game.  

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