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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Adopts Wintermint Reindeer

Thank you to a Webkinz Insider member who wishes to remain nameless, we are now able to bring you the first ever in-game images of the Webkinz Wintermint Reindeer.  As many of you know, rumors about this mystery Webkinz have been swirling around the internet for several weeks.  This member purchased the code card off of eBay.  At this point, we are not certain how the eBay seller got the card.  What we do know is that this is an incredibly rare Webkinz.

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The Wintermint Reindeer is not the same thing as the Minty Reindeer that was sold in the eStore in December.  The Pet, the PSI, and the PSF for the Wintermint and Minty Reindeers are very similar in appearance, but they have different names and are different colors.  The Pet Specific Item for the Wintermint Reindeer is the Wintergreen Candy Cane Bed and the Pet Special Food is Wintermint Pastry.

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