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BREAKING NEWS: Crystal Sea Trophy, Only One Per Account

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member EXOTERIC for calling our attention to an important change regarding the Trophy for the Treasures of the Crystal Sea game.  As you may remember, the Golden Conch Trophy (or Rainbow Glowfish, as it was called prior to November 12th) was awarded to every member who reached the end of the Treasures of the Crystal Sea game, with a limit of one trophy per vacation.  Now it appears that the programming has been changed to award only one trophy per account.  In fact, it seems like this change may have occured as early as mid-November 2008.

Nearly a dozen members who already had at least one Golden Conch Trophy on their accounts (some of them multiple trophies), have reached the end of the game and not been awarded a new trophy.  Instead, the message they got was one that had previously only been seen by members who finished the game twice or more in the same vacation.  At this point we are not certain if this is a glitch or if this is the way Ganz intends the programming to be.  Either way, if you already have one Golden Conch Trophy on your account, there is no incentive to play the Treasures of the Crystal Sea game again, unless, of course, you really enjoy the game.

UPDATE (January 20th):  Several of our members have "tested" the system by playing and winning games on different accounts and we can now report that people who won a trophy for this game prior to the name change on November 12th can win exactly one more trophy on the game.  People who have won a trophy since the name change on November 12th will not be able to win another trophyWe still do not know why Ganz made this change to the game programming.

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