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Webkinz Jr. News: Scattered Details About The New Line!

Since our exclusive story, breaking the news about Webkinz Jr. back in Mid-December, we have been collecting details from various members of our forum and our retail partner  We thought that it would be important news to many of you so here is what we have so far.  Of course, some of the following information is speculative and is subject to change:
  • Webkinz Jr. plushes will be larger than full-sized Webkinz.  Most Webkinz are 8-8.5 inches, while the plushes in the new Webkinz Jr. line are 12 inches in size.  They are designed this way to be huggable and squeezable for younger children.
  • Webkinz Jr. plushes will be significantly more expensive than full-sized Webkinz.  With the larger-sized plushes, more fabric is involved and a whole new site has been designed for them, so they will be much more expensive. They were orderable for a short time on the retailer site and, according to the wholesale price, we've been told that they will retail for approximately $25.
  • Webkinz Jr. plushes will be more limited in supply than Webkinz.  We're not sure how limited, but the plan at this point is to control supply and not flood the market as has been the case with Webkinz.
  • Webkinz Signature Plush Pieces.  This is related to the Webkinz Jr. line because we've gathered that there are plans for Ganz to release a Webkinz in the larger plush (12 inch) size each month with the monthly Webkinz releases.  These will be more expensive, but also very limited in supply for collectors.  One of the first of this new plush addition to Webkinz is a Panda.

Thanks again to Robert from and MKJN for the information! Don't forget to visit our sponsor at for all of your Webkinz needs.  They have flat rate shipping and a portion of every purchase goes toward supporting your favorite Webkinz fan site, WebkinzInsider.Com!


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