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BREAKING NEWS: New Winterfest Prize & Possible Timing Update

Thank you to all of the members who notified us that the "empty" Winterfest Snowflake has been filled and is now awarding a Snowflake Rug.  The Snowflake Rug is a brand new item for Winterfest.

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Also, we have been getting conflicting reports from members in our forum on the exact timing of the Snowflakes.  Yesterday we reported to you that the Snowflakes were appearing on an "eleven minute schedule" meaning that every eleven minutes there was a chance that a Snowflake would float by.  Today it appears that some accounts are getting still Snowflakes on the "eleven minute schedule" but others are getting them on the much quicker "six minute schedule" (meaning that every sixth minute there is a chance a Snowflake will float by).  At this point we are not certain why some accounts are getting them closer together than others, but the members reporting this data are all using timers and recording their data carefully, so it seems clear that there is a difference.

So, what does this mean for you and your account?  All we can advise is that you keep your eyes peeled, keep your clicking finger ready, and remember that Winterfest is a week-long event.  Snowflakes will be flying by all of the way up until January 18th.

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