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BREAKING NEWS: Winterfest 2009 Arrives in Webkinz World

It's Winterfest Time in Webkinz World, and thanks to our members with Asian accounts we can bring you a "sneak peek" of this year's event. Winterfest 2009 is scheduled to run from Monday, January 12th, through Sunday, January 18th. Since it's already Monday in Asia, members with accounts set to that time zone are already clicking on Snowflakes.

During Winterfest, Snowflakes float across the screen at random times. If you click on one of the Snowflakes, you will be rewarded with a winter-themed prize. So far our members have "caught" Snowflakes with Roasted Chestnuts, Wool Scarf Jackets, Winterfest Parkas, Snow Bear Sugar Cookies, Snowy Blue Toques, Egg Nogs, Peppermint Snowflakes, Peppermint Hot Chocolates, Potted Icicle Trees, Googles Ice Sculpture, and Framed Winter ScenesSeveral members have reported clicking on Snowflakes that, much like some of the raffles in the Coral Cove, didn't award any prize.

The Roasted Chestnuts, Wool Scarf Jacket, and Peppermint Hot Chocolate are new prizes for 2009.  All of the rest of the prizes were available for last year's Winterfest.  The Polar Plunge Poster (last available in 2007) has not returned.  The Fuzzy Winter Slippers, Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug, Snow Cone, and Snowflake Sweater (last availalbe in 2008) have also not returned.

For last year's Winterfest, the Snowflakes ran on a "six minute schedule". That meant that every sixth minute there was a chance a Snowflake would float across the screen. Last year's Spring Celebration and Webkinz ExtravaGANZa were both on an "eleven minute schedule" with a chance of a floating Egg or Airplane appearing every eleventh minute. For the most recent "Click to Win" event, Fall Fest, the floating Leaves were so far and few between that it was impossible to determine if they were programmed to appear on any sort of schedule. Hopefully for this year's Winterfest our members will be caught up in a flurry of Snowflakes and everyone will have a chance to get some fantastic prizes.

UPDATE: Based on early reports, it appears the Snowflakes are floating on the "eleven minute schedule".  Starting the moment you log on, keep an eye out every eleventh minute for a Snowflake.  For example  you log on at 1:00pm, there is a chance you will see a Snowflake at 1:11pm, 1:22pm, 1:33pm, 1:44pm, etc.  The number of Snowflakes you see per hour is still random, and cannot be predicted. There is now debate on whether the Snowflakes are on an eleven or a six minute schedule.

We would like to wish all of our members the best of luck with this year's Winterfest!

WI Staff Winterfest Quick Meal Recipes:

Thank you to WI members StarKatie, chapman12, bflyangel, postalone, KaileysMommy, and zapper4, for these pictures from their accounts.

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