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BREAKING NEWS: Beauty Class Level 10 Prize Revealed

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member chapman12 for sharing this first-ever in-game image of the Kinzville Academy Beauty Class Level 10 Prize with us.  Instead of receiving an item for her Webkinz house, like all other previous Academy prizes, this time a brand new game called "Plumpy's Hairdresser" was unlocked in the Arcade for her.  According to the game instructions, "After all of your hard work at the Kinzville Academy it's time for your pet's education to pay off."  Instead of paying to take the class, now she can get paid to style Plumpy's hair.  On her first try chapman12 made it up to level 8 and earned 147 KC.

NOTE:  The "Diploma" pictured on the wall behind Plumpy is something you can only see in the game.  It is NOT a prize.

After playing up to level 14 and earning 342 KC, chapman12 had this to say about her prize:

Originally Posted by chapman12
I still am disappointed that this is the prize. Seriously, if [the Ganz employees] had to attend this class 275 days just to get to play it more I think they would understand. Maybe lots of people will complain and help them rethink their decision. It would have been much better if they gave you a prize and the game since they give you prize boxes for all the other classes.

Webkinz Insider member, who has also completed Level 10, had this to say about the game:

Originally Posted by
If you aren't crazy about doing the class in Kinzville Academy, then I recommend you stop wasting your money now because the game is the same thing! It pays OK, but, I, like alot of you, didn't really "enjoy" this class. I think it's safe to assume that cooking class is going to be a pancake game, which I'm not real happy about either! However, since I only have 26 days left, I will finish it just because I'm so close at this point

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