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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz World Trade Room Update

Webkinz World is still closed for most of our members, but some have been able to get in and check out the latest updates. 

One news article that is causing quite a stir is the one pictured below about the Webkinz World Trade Room.  It seems that Ganz has been listening to the concerns of it's customers and has put a system in place to prevent scammers from passing off inexpensive items as vaulable items.  Now, before you accept a trade, the system will tell you whether it thinks the trade is balanced or not and give you a second chance to back out of the trade.

UPDATE:  Now that the Webkinz World system is back up, our members have had a chance to go into the Trade Rooms to see what the new feature is like.  Unfortunately, no one has been able to get the new message to come up yet.  Even offering to trade an Exclusive Item for a wShop Food doesn't trigger the warning. 

We are pleased to report that although there seems to be problems with this new feature, there is one "old" feature that is now working.  The Trade Table programming has been fixed to once again show you the names of the items the other person is offering to trade you.  It appears that Ganz has listened to the complaints of it's customers and returned a feature that everone, except perhaps the scammers, was missing.  Thank you to WI member OceanBluue for this picture from his account.
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