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BREAKING NEWS: New Theme, New Bed, New Game

Today's morning maintenance brought some changes to Webkinz World.  As expected, the Santakinz' Workshop Theme and the Menorahs have been removed from the wShop.  Hopefully everyone had already purchased the items they wanted.  We'll have to wait until next December to see if any of them return.  Also as expected, the Undersea Porthole has been "re-retired" as an Adoption Exclusive.  The Funky Girl Area Rug, however, is still missing from the wShop.  The rug was removed from the wShop when the Christmas items were added last month and many members had thought it would be returned today. 

A new theme has been added to the wShop.  Rumors have been going around the internet for months about a new "Asian Theme".  It turns out that the theme is actually called the "Ichiban Theme".  For those of you who may be wondering, "Ichiban" means "first" or "number one" in Japanese.  Just like with other new theme additions it appears that only half of the theme has been released today.  The second half will probably be added in a couple of weeks.

A brand new Super Bed has been added to Webkinz World:  the Railway Dreams Bed.  To get a hold of a Super Bed, you need to have a "Super Exclusive Gift Box", otherwise known as a "Bed Box".  Bed Boxes are awarded on a customer's 10th adoption, and then on every 5th adoption after that.  When you "open" the Bed Box in your room, you get to choose the Super Bed you want.  There are currently 18 Super Beds in Webkinz World to choose from.

A new game called "Bamboo Break" has been added to the Arcade and Tournament area.  Those of you who are fans of the game "Tetris" will love this game.  Differently colored and shaped pieces of bamboo fall on the screen and it's up to you to turn them to make them fit into the pattern of already fallen pieces.  The faster you make them fit, the faster you clear the screen, and according to the instructions, if you are lucky there may be a "special prize" waiting for you at the end of the game.

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