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BREAKING NEWS: WI Member Sews "Purple Monster" Plushie

When the eStore Exclusive "Purple Monster" was released for Halloween, a number of our members wished that there was a Plushie to go along with it.  Webkinz Insider member pathetictastic did more than just wish.  He designed a pattern and sewed a Plushie himself!  Below you can see pictures of "Freddy" next to the Purple Monster graphic that inspired him. 

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NOTE:  Ganz has officially stated that the Purple Monster, and the other eStore Exclusive Webkinz, were designed to be "online only" and they will never be released for sale as Plushies.  Since Ganz owns the Copyright to the Purple Monster, that is the final word on the matter.  The Plushie created by pathetictstic is something that he made just for fun and for his own personal enjoyment.

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