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CLUBHOUSE TRADING: The Slippamarink Scam

Since running a story on Clubhouse Trade Room scams a few days ago, our forum has been flooded by stories from our members of how they were ripped off by bad traders.  All of the stories have one thing in common:  the members didn't know what they were trading for.  In nearly all of the cases, the other trader lied about what the item was.  For example, the item pictured below has been called many things in the Trade Room:  a "Superbed", a "Rare Food", an "Ice Skating Rink", a "Skating Game", and more.  If someone offered this to you in the Trade Room, would you trade for it?  Hopefully not!

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The name of this item is Slippamarink Sandwich.  It is a food that can be made on a Sandwich Maker using a Bagle, Ice Cream, and Ice Pop.  It is not a bed, it is not rare, you can't skate on it, you can't play a game with it, and it is NOT valuable.  However, because of it's appearance, and the fact that the item names no longer show up on the Trade Table, it is frequently used in scams.  This is just one of the many scams you need to keep an eye out for in the Webkinz World Trade Rooms.  Remember, if you don't know what an item is, don't trade for it.  

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