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CLUBHOUSE TRADING: Avoiding the Scammers

When it comes to trading Webkinz World items, there are a lot of different opinions on what is and what is not fair.  According to Ganz, as stated by Plumpy in her June '08 advice column, "a trade is only fair if both people are happy with the items they're giving and receiving".  Here at Webkinz Insider we agree with that statement, as long as both people know what the items are.

Unfortunately, there are some bad people in Webkinz World who like to take advantage of those who may not be very familiar with Webkinz World items.  For example, what would you do if you encountered this person in the Trade Room?  Hopefully you'd cancel out of the trade and refuse to accept any future offers from them.  As most of our members know, that item is not a "rare chair" but, in fact, is a recipe called "Floridisa" that can be made using wShop food. 

So, the question is, how do you protect yourself against scammers like this?  The answer is, if you don't recognize an item being offered, don't trade for it.  Since Ganz removed the feature that allowed traders to see the names of the items being offered, that means you have to know what the items are by looking their pictures.  Those of you who want help with this can check out WI's Picture Gallery located here:

Webkinz Insider member Strawberry Jam, using some fantastic pictures from WI member Sparkle!, has created "A Guide to Scammers in the Trade Room" that can also be very helpful.  You can find her thread here: 

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