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BREAKING NEWS: Webkinz News on January 2009 Releases

Many of our members have noticed something interesting about the current front page of the Webkinz Newspaper in Webkinz World.  At first it appears to be just a picture of the eight Webkinz and Lil Kinz scheduled for release in January 2009, however, it's the Chimpanzee shown in the picture that has been the focus of our members' attention.  Although Chimpanzees in real life don't have tails, the Chimpanzee shown in the picture clearly has a long monkey-like tail. 

Also, according to the article that goes with the picture, there are nine Webkinz scheduled for release in January.  We are not sure what the author of the article was counting as the ninth Webkinz since there are only seven Webkinz listed in the article itself (the Key Lime Dino being left out).  There is some speculation that the ninth Webkinz could be the Webkinz Love Monkey which, although it is the Seasonal Webkinz for Valentine's Day 2009, is actually scheduled for release at the end of January.

UPDATE:  The Webkinz News article has been edited to indicate that there are eight Webkinz scheduled for release in January, and the Key Lime Dino has been added to the list.  The Chimpanzee in the picture, however, still has a long tail.

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