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BREAKING NEWS: Minty Reindeer Nose Color Mystery Solved

As many of you Minty Reindeer owners have noticed, there has been a recent change to the appearance of the virtual pet in Webkinz World.  After two weeks of having red noses, all of the Minty Reindeer's noses are now green.  The graphic in the Webkinz eStore has also been modified to show the Minty Reindeer with a green nose.  Below you can see a comparison of the older and newer eStore graphics.

Many Minty Reindeer owners are not happy about this change, and have contacted Webkinz Customer Support to find out what is going on.  All Webkinz Customer Service Representatives are saying the same thing:  The Minty Reindeer's nose was always supposed to be green.  It was a mistake that it was ever advertised or released with a red nose.  This mistake has now been corrected and all Minty Reindeer look the way they are supposed to.  Any customer who is not happy with change in appearance can contact Customer Support to have their money refunded and the Minty Reindeer removed from their account.

As a form of "protest" against the new noses, a number of Webkinz Insider members have started dressing their Minty Reindeer in the Mummy Wrap from the Halloween Giftbox to cover up the nose.  Here you can see a graphic created by WI member dragonbird for what she is calling the "Return to the Red Nose Quest".  Says WI member SweetsMom, "We did NOT authorize this nose job!!"

For those of you who still want to purchase the Minty Reindeer from the Webkinz eStore (, time is running out.  As we suspected, the Minty Reindeer is a Seasonal Webkinz.  Ganz has updated the eStore description to say that the Minty Reindeer is "Only available until December 25th!".

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