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EXCLUSIVE: Ganz To Debut New Product in January -- Webkinz Jr! *UPDATE*


UPDATE (Jan/04/2009 ):  Thank you to Webkinz Insider member Blackie_Lab2003 for letting us know that the Webkinz Jr. website is now up.  At the moment the only thing on the site is the graphic shown below.  You can check it out yourself at

Webkinz Insider's exclusive December 21st article continues below:


After collecting scattered bits of information and putting them together,
I believe that Ganz will be introducing a new product line, called Webkinz Jr, in early January 2009!
One of our retailer members has heard rumors from reliable sources that Ganz is planning to introduce something brand-new, most likely outside of the Webkinz line, on January 5th, 2009.  They have been unable to extract any further details as Ganz has employed a very strict policy on this particular announcement.
For some time now, members from our forum have been attending Ganz focus groups with some of their younger children, aged 4-7.  While they have been unable to provide us with the details from these sessions, we know that Ganz has been working with them for some time with the idea of developing a product for a younger age group.
As my curiosity got the best of me, I decided to search the US Patent and Trademark Office database for any new registrations by Ganz and I came across 3 new trademarks that Ganz applied for in December -- all 3 are for "Webkinz Jr"!!
Here are the details of the 3 entries:
Word Mark: Webkinz Jr
Goods & Services: Digital media, namely prerecorded cd-roms and dvd-roms featuring children's songs and activity games; electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; video and audio recordings and interactive multimedia computer games programs for entertainment and educational purposes featuring fictional characters; dvds featuring children's books, digital video books in the field of children's fiction and non-fiction stories, pre-recorded video discs featuring fictional characters, video game cartridges, video game discs, video game interactive control floor pads or mats, video game interactive remote control units, video game interactive hand held remote controls for playing electronic games, video game joysticks, video game software, computer screen saver software; computer mouse pads; computer programs and software for creating animated screen savers; computer mouse; and interactive video game programs
Word Mark: Webkinz Jr
Goods & Services: Toys for children, educational games, and play things, namely, toys and games, namely, rubber action balls, action figures, stand alone video game machines, plush dolls, plush toys, toy clothing for plush toys; plush toy accessories, namely, furniture, jewelry, pet carriers; multiple activity toys for babies, rattles, balloons, toy banks, bath toys, board games, card games, trading card games, doll clothing, crib mobiles, crib toys, doll accessories, party favors in the nature of small toys and noisemakers, puzzles, kites, costume masks, toy mobiles, water squirting toys, paper dolls, puppets, soft sculpture dolls, Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas stockings; modeled plastic toy figurines; and plastic pail and shovel set
Word Mark: Webkinz Jr
Goods & Services: Entertainment and educational services, namely, provision of education and entertainment for children by means of a website featuring online electronic publications, and online interactive and educational computer games in single or multi-user formats featuring fictional characters played over computer networks and global communication networks and provided through an interactive web site from a global computer network
For further verification, I checked the details of the domain registration for and and both were registered by Ganz in August.  As of now, neither of these domains are live.
From all of this, it appears that Ganz will be introducing another virtual product similar to Webkinz, housed at, on January 5, 2009. I have no other details on what kind of functionality this new site will have, what pets may be available, or pictures of any kind, but keep checking WI for further details as we'll provide them to you as soon as we get them.


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