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BREAKING NEWS: 25% Coupon Glitch *UPDATE*

If you are planning on using wShop Coupons for your Holiday wShop purchases, pay careful attention to this article.  There is a confirmed glitch with the Santakinz' Christmas Chair and the 25% Coupon.  If you attempt to purchase the Santakinz' Christmas Chair using the 25% coupon, the system will take take the money and the coupon out of your dock, but it will NOT give you the Chair.  Instead, it'll give you the following error message:

Despite what the message says, your account will lose the KinzCash and the Coupon!  Hopefully Ganz will fix this rather serious glitch soon.  In the meantime, if you are going to use a coupon to purchase the Santakinz' Christmas Chair, please don't use the 25% Coupon.  The glitch seems to be isolated to combining this one item with this one coupon.

UPDATE:  It turns out that the Santakinz' Christmas Chair is not the only item in the wShop affected by this glitch.  Also, we now understand that this is not a new glitch at all.  Based on the reports from members in our forum, this error message pops up every time someone tries to use a coupon that would make the discount price of the item they are buying end up on an odd dollar amount.  For example, the Chair costs $875.  Applying the 25% coupon should make it sell for $656.25.  It appears that the wShop hasn't been programmed to deal with the change, prompting the error message.  

So, the basic rule of thumb is, if the dollar value of the item you are
  buying ends in "5", don't use a 25% Off Coupon to purchase it.

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