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CURIO SHOP NEWS: Despite Ganz' Claim, Curio Shop Not Yet Fixed

Despite the claim made by Ganz in the Kinzville News earlier this week that by Thursday the Curio Shop would be "fixed" and that "all items sold, including rares, [would be] the same regardless of your location", there has still so far been no visible change to the Curio Shop.  Today, for example, Asian accounts had the chance to purchase four different rare items (11am, Ultimate Experiment Station, 5pm Experiment Station #4, 6pm Geographic Globe, and 10pm Turquoise Dining Table) but the European and American accounts are only going to have a chance to purchase one of those rares (Turquoise Dining Table).

At this point we still have no idea when the Curio Shop is going to be "fixed" as Ganz promised, but all eyes are on that crazy dog Arte to see what he does next.  We will bring you the news as soon as there has been any evidence of a change.  And, in the mean time, remember to check out the Rare Item Information Notice in our forum.  Arte is still changing his mind a couple of times a day, and we'll let you know when you can believe him and when you can't, and we'll let you know when you need to be quick to purchase those "two minute" rares that appear in the shop and then are gone in a flash.

UPDATE:  For Saturday, December 6th, members with Asian accounts were able to purchase three rare items (1pm, King's Royal Lamp; 2pm, Intersteller Telescope; 2:02pm, Bed of the Pharaoh).  The European and American accounts didn't get any rares today.

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