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WEBKINZ NEWS: Webkinz World is "Full at the Moment"

For the past couple of hours, everyone attempting to log on to Webkinz World has been getting an error message stating that Webkinz World is "full at the moment".  Since we here at Webkinz Insider have not received a single report of any member being able to log on during this time, it seems more likely that the servers are down rather than being full.  Hopefully Webkinz World will be back up soon and everyone will be able to get back to playing their favorite games.

UPDATE:  The error message has changed twice now, but the result is the same.  No one is able to log on to Webkinz World.  Those who are are able to get a log on screen are reporting getting stuck on the plain green loading screen.

UPDATE:  After being down for nearly eight hours, Webkinz World is back up for all time zones.

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