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CURIO SHOP NEWS: Ganz Publicly Acknowledges Curio Shop Problems

On Tuesday morning, Ganz made the following announcement in the Kinzville News:

The Curio Shop has been fixed. Now all items sold, including rares, are the same regardless of your location. So the items you see at 2 pm Europe Time (GMT) will be the items you see at 2 pm North America Time (EST). This fix will take 48 hours to come into effect.
Although it has been over 48 hours since this announcement was made, there has so far been no visible change in the Curio Shop. Today the Asian accounts had the Quetzalcoatl's Chamber Bed from the new Aztec theme, and the European accounts had the Bejeweled Coffee Table from the Egyptian theme.  As far as the example given in the quote, since the European and American accounts have always had the same Rares after 12:02pm, many members are wondering if this is a true change, or if Ganz is just making an announcement about something that was already in place.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

There used to be a time when all three types of accounts would have the same items for sale at the same times. If the Asian accounts had a particular rare, the European and American accounts would have that same rare. In mid-February of this year, Ganz changed the programming so that was no longer the case. At key points during the day (12:02am EST, 7:02am EST), the shop items have been changing, so depending on what type of account you have, you may have different items for sale. This change also affected Arte who doesn't seem to know what time he is going to have Rare items or Sales. This has been particularly frustrating for those members who have tipped their way to becoming his Friend.

For the past nine months, the employees at Ganz, including the Creative Director, have been promising us that the programmers were hard at work and that they would have everything fixed soon. This announcement in the Kinzville News is the first time they have publicly acknowledged that there is a problem.  Hopefully this means that the errors have been fixed and that it was just the announcement that was released too early. In the mean time, be sure to check out the Rare Notice in our forum. Regardless of what Ganz does to the Curio Shop, Webkinz Insider will continue to bring you the latest information as it becomes available.

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