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BREAKING NEWS: Lil Kinz Magical Retrievers "Grow Up"

We have been receiving interesting reports in our forum this weekend from owners of Lil Kinz Magical Retrievers.  It appears that all of the Retrievers have all grown up and turned into Big Webkinz.  Here you can see a picture of WI member margaret's Retriever standing next to a Lil Kinz Yorkie.  The words "Lil Kinz" have also disappeared from her Adoption Certificate and Biography. 

As many of you will remember, the Magical Retriever is a prize from Series Three of the Webkinz Trading Cards.  When the first Magical Retriever adoptions were reported, it was surprising to see that they were all Lil Kinz.  At this point we are not certain which size Ganz intends them to be.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

UPDATE:  Many of our members have contacted Ganz Customer Service to ask about the Magical Retrievers, and they have been getting conflicting information.  Some customer service representatives indicate that the Retrievers are supposed to be Lil Kinz, and it was an error that they changed Big Webkinz.  Some customer service representatives indicate that the Retrievers were supposed to be Big Webkinz all along, and that the recent change was a correction of that error.  WI member margaret spoke with one customer service rep who told her he only learned there had been a change when he read about it on the front page of Webkinz Insider.  He first told her the Retrievers were supposed to be Lil Kinz, and then he called her back to say the were really supposed to be Big Webkinz.  So, at this point, we are still not certain what is going on with the Magical Retrievers.

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