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NEWS: Glitch Discovered with KinzClothes Costumes

Thank you to Webkinz Insider member mootooyou for letting us know about a glitch with the KinzClothes costumes.  Today she tried to send the Scuba Outfit to another account via KinzPost only to discover that the Scuba Mask and Scuba Pants can't be "KinzPosted".  It's worth noting that the Scuba Shirt, Scuba Flippers, and Scuba Oxygen Tank can be sent.

The Hula Outfit is also affected by this glitch.  The Hula Grass Skirt and the Hula Headdress cannot be sent via KinzPost, but the Hula Flowered Top can.  All of the parts of the other four outfits (Nefertiti Outfit, Rock Star Outfit, Safari Outfit, and Mad Scientist Outfit) can be KinzPosted.

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